Hiring Guides are easy-to-follow flow charts Hiring Managers or their designee can use to help determine if a candidate for a position meets the minimum qualifications (MQs) for the classification of your vacancy. Use these to ensure the candidate is eligible prior to interviewing. Per State Personnel Board rule 250, all candidates must meet the MQs for the classification in order to be appointed as a list or transfer candidate. The exception to this is Staff Services Analyst transfers who have taken and passed the transfer exam.

Hiring Guides are meant to be a tool and are not the final say. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will ultimately determine whether or not the candidate meets MQs during the final eligibility, and their decision is final. In other words, you may find the candidate meets the MQs based on these charts and OHR may disagree because classifications can be pretty complicated. In order to assist OHR in making the best decision, if the Hiring Guide requests documents (e.g. official transcripts, diploma, certificate, etc.), please make sure you ask the candidate to bring those documents to the interview. 

Appointment Eligibility
Aside from meeting the MQs, in order to be appointed, a candidate must have a type of eligibility. List or Transfer are the most common types of eligibility which permit a candidate to be appointed. More often than not, a candidate will typically place their eligibility in the "Explanations" Box on their application. Aside from List and Transfer eligibility, you may be able to utilize an Out-of-Class Assignment or a Training and Development (T&D) Assignment. Ask your Classification and Pay Analyst for more information.

What does being reachable mean? When candidates take the examination for a classification, they receive a score based on their performance or an assessment of their skills/training and experience. That score is a rank and all of the ranks are compiled onto the list. As part of the merit system requirements, the state can only appoint a candidate from the top three ranks. The top three ranks aren't necessarily the highest scores and other ranks can become reachable through the contact letter process. OHR will tell you whether a candidate is reachable or not. If they are not, unfortunately they are not eligible to be appointed from the list. You may still hire them if they can transfer as long as they still meet the minimum qualifications or are open to another avenue like a T&D assignment.

Minimum Qualifications Flow Charts

Accountant Trainee
Accounting Administrator I/Sup
Accounting Officer (Specialist)
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Law Judge I
Administrative Law Judge II
Administrative Law Judge III
Architectural Assistant
Architectural Associate
Architectural Designer
Assistant Chief
Assistant Chief of Construction Services
Assistant Industrial Hygienist
Assistant Procurement Engineer
Assistant State Printer
Associate Architect
Associate Budget Analyst
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Construction Analyst
Associate Editor of Publications
Associate Electrical Engineer
Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Associate Landscape Architect (Spec)
Associate Management Auditor
Associate Materials Analyst
Associate Personnel Analyst
Associate Printing Plant Superintendent
Associate Procurement Engineer
Associate Real Estate Officer
Associate Small Business Officer
Associate Space Planner
Attorney III
Automotive Pool Attendant I
Automotive Pool Attendant II
Automotive Pool Attendant III
Automotive Pool Manager II
Building Maintenance Worker
Capital Outlay Program Manager
Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A)
Chief Engineer I
Chief Engineer II
Construction Inspector II
Construction Supervisor I
Construction Supervisor II
Construction Supervisor III
Custodian Supervisor II
Custodian Supervisor III
Direct Construction Supervisor I
Direct Construction Supervisor II
District Structural Engineer
Electrical Estimator II
Electrical Inspector II
Electrician I
Electrician II
Electronics Technician
Engineer, Civil
Executive Assistant
Fire and Life Safety Officer I
Fire and Life Safety Officer II
Graphic Designer II
Health Program Manager I
Health Program Manager II
Health Program Specialist I
Health Program Specialist II
Heavy Truck Driver
Information Officer I
Information Systems Technician
Information Technology Associate
Information Technology Manager I
Information Technology Manager II
Information Technology Specialist I
Information Technology Specialist II
Information Technology Specialist III
Information Technology Supervisor I
Information Technology Supervisor II
Information Technology Technician
Inspector of Automotive Equipment
Interagency Messenger
Lead Groundskeeper
Legal Secretary
Limited Examination and Appointment Program Candidate (Identified Class)
Locksmith I
Mailing Machines Operator I
Mailing Machines Operator II
Maintenance Mechanic
Management Services Technician
Materials and Stores Specialist
Material and Stores Supervisor
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering Technician II
Office Assistant (General)
Office Assistant (Typing)
Office Building Manager I
Office Building Manager II
Office Building Manager III
Office Building Manager IV
Office Technician (General)
Office Technician (Typing)
Painter I
Painter Supervisor
Pharmaceutical Consultant II (Specialist)
Pharmaceutical Consultant II (Supervisory)
Pharmaceutical Program Consultant
Plumber I
Principal Architect
Principal Fire and Life Safety
Principal Structural Engineer
Printing Mechanical Superintendent
Printing Plant Superintendent
Printing Process and Operations Supervisor
Program Manager, Printing Services
Program Technician
Program Technician II
Project Director I
Project Director II
Project Director III
Real Estate Officer
Research Data Analyst I
Research Data Specialist I
Research Data Specialist II
Research Program Specialist
Seasonal Clerk
Senior Accounting Officer (Spec)
Senior Architect
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Delineator
Senior Electrical Engineer
Senior Environmental Planner
Senior Estimator of Building Construction
Senior Inspector of Automotive Equipment
Senior Landscape Architect
Senior Legal Typist
Senior Management Auditor
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Procurement Engineer
Senior Real Estate Officer (Spec)
Senior Real Estate Officer (Sup)
Senior Structural Engineer
Space Planner
Special Consultant
Staff Management Auditor
Staff Real Estate Officer
Staff Services Analyst
Staff Services Management Auditor
Staff Services Manager I
Staff Services Manager II
Staff Services Manager III
Staff Space Planner
State Facilities Manager I
State Facilities Manager II
Stationary Engineer
Student Assistant
Supervising Architect
Supervising Electrical Engineer
Supervising Engineer-Civil Section
Supervising Environmental Planner
Supervising Estimator of Building Construction
Supervising Groundskeeper I
Supervising Groundskeeper II
Supervising Management Auditor
Supervising Mechanical Engineer
Supervising Real Estate Officer
Supervising Structural Engineer
Supervisor of Building Trades
Tree Maintenance Leadworker
Tree Maintenance Worker
Truck Driver
Warehouse Manager I
Warehouse Manager II
Warehouse Worker
Youth Aid


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