What is the PASS Initiative?

The Program Administrative Staffing Standards (PASS) Initiative was an Administrative Division Initiative in 2020 and was created to ensure consistency of admin duties throughout DGS through standardization of admin duties within program's Administrative Units (e.g., Facilities Management Division’s Admin Unit). The new duty statement template was created from this initiative and simplifies the current admin duty statement approval process. The task statements were written in collaboration with each corresponding administrative division to ensure clear roles and responsibilities pertaining to admin duties, as well as no overlap in duties between DGS programs and the corresponding Administrative Division offices. DGS’ Administrative Division offices are Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS), Office of Business and Acquisition Services (OBAS), Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM), Office of Fiscal Services (OFS), Office of Human Resources (OHR).

What’s New?

The new Admin Duty Statement template (OHR 907A) is the same format as the current duty statement template (OHR 907); however, it contains pre-approved dropdown task statements that can be edited to input the division/office for the request. Additionally, the template allows for non-PASS approved tasks to be entered as well.

When do I use the new template?

The new duty statement template should be used when filling a vacancy, creating a new position, or updating a current employee’s duties within an administrative unit within a DGS program or client agency. If you’re not sure if a specific duty is captured on the Admin Duty Statement template, reference the listing of approved task statements here. The template should only be utilized for the following classifications:

  • Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Staff Services Analyst
  • Office Technician (Typing)
  • Office Technician (General)
  • Office Assistant (General)

When do I NOT use the new template?

Do not use the Admin Duty Statement template if filling a vacancy within an Administration Division office that is performing functions DGS-wide. For example, if a Staff Services Analyst within the Office of Fiscal Services is performing budget analyst work for all of DGS, it would not utilize the Admin Duty Statement template. Likewise, an Associate Governmental Program Analyst in the Office of Business and Acquisition Services performing contract analyst duties would not utilize the Admin Duty Statement template.