In November 2020, under the authority of the Statewide Forms Program the Department of General Services (DGS) released Management Memo (MM) 20-11 to authorize the use of Electronic Signatures (e-Signatures) on state forms.

This toolkit provides agencies and departments with resources and guidance to help with the implementation of this policy within their agency or department.

The policy and supporting documentation were built in coordination with several internal offices such as Forms Management, information security, IT, legal and subject matter experts.

In addition, DGS collaborated with stakeholders throughout the state, State Controller’s Office and GovOps Agency to ensure the success of the e-Signature initiatives.


  • Management Memo (MM) 20-11 (Coming Soon)
  • State Administrative Manual (SAM) 1734 (Coming Soon) 
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), as adopted by California in Civil Code §1633.1 et seq., permits the use of e-Signatures by governmental entities.

Statewide Forms Manager

Stephanie Ross

Department of General Services
Administration Division

707 3rd Street
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