The Strategic Plan, identifies the goals that each office and division within the department strives to complete throughout the two-year strategic planning cycle. 

In 2016, DGS committed to a series of annual strategic plans to document the major efforts we undertook to propel our organization forward. The plan for 2022 – 2023 is in development. This page is a resource for DGS stakeholders to follow our progress toward meeting strategic plan goals.

Like those created in prior years, the DGS strategic plan will be full of ambitious goals — each a challenge to achieve, pushing DGS to stretch beyond the ordinary into new ways of thinking and acting. We embrace these challenges because our customers deserve our best efforts. And now that we’ve shown how setting the bar high yields remarkable results, we are more motivated than ever to strive for excellence.

 In past years, we learned and adjusted our approach to ensure that our strategic goals are aligned with our longer-term vision, and we know that completing the majority of them constitutes victory. Since our first annual strategic plan in 2016, DGS has completed more than 280 goals.

Change is relentless and inevitable, but at DGS, we embrace it because we know progress can’t happen without it. The 2022 – 2023  Strategic Plan is our public commitment to thoughtful, deliberate changes that advance our capabilities and benefit our customers. We know that obstacles may arise, but the vision and goals we pursue strengthen our ability to drive change rather than just react to it. Together, with our customers and partners, we are changing DGS and state government operations for the better.

Links to past strategic plans are below.

Links to Year in Review booklets are below.


DGS identified five strategic themes that clarify the direction in which we want to move the organization. These themes guide the development of our goals.

Collaborative: We solicit input from our partners to collectively improve our outcomes.

Consultative: We offer counsel and advice so our customers can maximize benefit and mitigate risk.

Sustainable: We serve as good stewards of state resources and help “green” government.

Data-Informed: We use and share data to make better decisions for ourselves and our customers.

Effective: We continuously develop ourselves so we can better serve our customers.


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