The DGS Forms Management Center manages a wide range of resources to assist Forms Representatives with the management of the forms program within their agency or department. This includes resources and guidance on the implementation of Electronic Signatures (e-Signatures) and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to forms. In addition, DGS manages and maintains the Statewide Forms Directory which is a centralized repository that houses over 3000 state and agency forms. The directory is designed to provide a single access point for forms used by state agencies and the public when conducting business with the state of California.

The California Statewide Forms Directory contains links to electronic versions of all relevant and current Standard (STD) forms and agency forms. The Directory provides the general public another resource to more easily conduct business with the state of California.

Search forms using the California Statewide Forms Directory.

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State agencies can use the information in this E-Signature Toolkit to assist in their planning and implementation efforts.

The ADA Compliance Toolkit for forms is designed to help provide a single location for ADA related policy, resources and training as it applies to statewide and departmental forms.

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