The Hiring Toolkit was developed to provide DGS Hiring Managers and Employee Resource Liaisons the resources to successfully collect and prepare required Request for Personnel Action (RPA) documents for submittal to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) in order to minimize potential delays of recruitment efforts and most importantly, in-line with Lean 6 Sigma, make a hire within 45 days!

The Civil Service Act of 1934 declared all State positions must be filled based on the applicants' merit, including skills, education, experience, and examination performance. The merit system not only ensures the top candidates are selected for interview, but also ensures the State remains an Equal Opportunity Employer. By reviewing each application received, hiring managers can be sure they interviewed the top candidates based on merit and merit alone.

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Every position in State government has a duty statement. The duty statement is a personnel management tool which describes the overall intent or purpose of a position, the tasks being performed by that position, the purpose of why those tasks are performed, and the manner in which they are performed.

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OHR is pleased to announce the rollout of eRPA, a process that will allow documents of all RPAs to be easily accessible electronically for business needs during the mandated retention period and will promote better efficiency for internal and external auditing which helps ensure compliance, accuracy and quality.

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The eSheet is submitted by Employee Resource Liaisons via Tracker to OHR staff. This worksheet includes up to five top candidates the program is considering for hire.

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Flow charts by classification to help Hiring Managers determine whether or not an applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the classification for which they applied. 

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The Justification Form (OHR 4160) is required for all Requests for Personnel Actions (RPAs), except when requesting to fill a vacancy with no change in duties or position details. The Justification Form is required for most other personnel requests.

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Organization charts provide an overview of the reporting relationships within DGS offices. They are maintained by the Employee Resource Liaison(s) for each program. Commonly referred to as "Org Charts," this document is attached to every RPA. Sometimes a Proposed and a Current Org Chart are required.

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RPA Tracker or Tracker is the tracking and communication system utilized by OHR to coincide with ABMS on all hiring RPAs. Tracker is mandatory for all hiring RPAs and ensures each step of the process takes the appropriate amount of time. Tracker was developed as part of a 2016 Lean Six Sigma project to reduce the time it takes DGS to make a hire.

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