Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provides the full scope of human resources services for the Department of General Services (DGS) and on a reimbursable basis, to various contracted state agencies. OHR ensures DGS programs and its clients operate within all personnel laws, rules, regulations, and in compliance with all applicable bargaining unit contracts. 

The services include: position classification, recruitment, examining, salary administration, payroll documentation, grievance handling, labor relations consulting, and performance consultation. These services are especially helpful to newly established boards and commissions. The current rate for 2020-21 is $117.00 per hour. Estimated hours are based on the number of employees, the time base of those employees, and the number of board members.

Sections within OHR

The Classification and Pay Unit provides consultative services and guidance to DGS management and staff on a variety of complex personnel problems. This includes assisting departmental programs with requests to fill and reclassify positions, resolving complex issues affecting employees' employment and pay, and establishing, revising and abolishing departmental classifications in accordance with the State civil service Classification Plan.

The Constructive Intervention Unit provides guidance and consultation to DGS management and supervisors on issues relating to employee conduct and behavior, adverse actions, and rejection on probations.

The Examinations Unit coordinates the annual examination plan, including prioritizing examination requests, administers and develops components of examinations through consultation with Subject Matter Experts, and certifies and clears employment lists upon selection of candidate.

The Labor Relations Office facilitates a cooperative relationship between management, employees and the unions, conducts meet and confers with unions, responds to employee grievances, develops management proposals, participates in negotiations and provides contract language interpretation.

The Personnel Transactions Unit administers the payroll and benefits program including implementing and maintaining changes in employment status and pay in the state employment history and payroll systems, and processing benefit documents, appointments, separation, payroll and leave records.

The Recruitment Unit partners with programs to augment the traditional civil service process to help build a pipeline of talent for difficult to recruit vacancies. DGS Recruiters develop strategic recruitment plans in collaboration with hiring managers which include targeted advertisements and graphics to gain the attention of potential candidates. Recruiters also attend recruiting events and build relationships with professional and community organizations. Finally, the Recruitment Unit consults with select DGS programs to develop behavioral-based interview guides, participate on interview panels, and review interview panels for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance.

The Return to Work Unit provides assistance to employees who are away from work on various types of disability leaves, including workers' compensation and family medical leave.

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Office of Human Resources

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