Preparing to Receive Applications
Before you submit your Request for Personnel Action (RPA) documents to your Employee Resource Liaison (ERL), you should begin working on the criteria you'll apply to every application. This must be completed prior to the day your RPA is advertised. That means you have ten days after your ERL submits the RPA to develop the criteria.

Desirable qualifications are a good place to start. Aside from the minimum qualifications listed in the Classification Specification, desirable qualifications are essentially your wish list of experience, education, certificates, or other qualifications an ideal candidate would have. These qualifications and this criteria must be related to the job. For example, if you're hiring for a Custodian, you can't set a desirable qualification as "Experience Cooking French Cuisine."

Applications Received
Once your position is advertised, you will begin to receive applications. They will come electronically through ECOS or via mail or hand delivery. Although not all of these applications will be eligible, meet the minimum qualifications, or have the desirable qualifications for which you're searching, all applications must be reviewed. In order to show you've reviewed every application, you must attach a review sheet or complete a spreadsheet.

Office of Human Resources highly recommends reviewing applications on a flow basis. As demonstrated in training, it's the quickest, most efficient way to get it done.