Alternative Housing Development

Development of State Owned Property


To address the shortage of housing for Californians, Governor Newsom ordered the Department of General Services (DGS) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to identify and prioritize excess state-owned property and aggressively pursue sustainable, innovative, cost-effective housing projects.

Initial State-Inventory:

Due: 04/30/2019

Status: Completed

DGS utilized county assessor data to identify state-owned parcels. DGS visually reviewed each parcel for potential viability of constructing housing. Parcels that were unsuitable for development (ex: beaches, lakes, freeways, forest/mountain sites, etc.) have been excluded from consideration.

An initial inventory of 44,370 state-owned parcels was identified and 1,330 parcels were flagged as potentially viable and will undergo additional screening. While additional parcels may be reviewed and added to this list if DGS discovers state owned parcels that are not recorded by local assessors, this listing will be further analyzed and refined through real estate due diligence and consultation with state departments.

Screening Criteria:

Due: 03/29/2019

Status: Completed

DGS and HCD have developed a two-part screening tool designed to prioritize parcels for development. While the specific parameters of the tool will be adjusted (and tailored by location) the tool itself was completed and potentially viable parcels are already being screened.

Potential Affordable Sites:

Due: Summer 2019

Status: In progress

Concurrent to the screening process, DGS will conduct further real estate due diligence on potential state owned parcels to validate state ownership, identify encumbrances that would inhibit development, and discuss future uses with state departments currently using the property. Those parcels that remain viable will be publicly posted with an overlay showing where affordable housing development is most feasible and impactful. This map is expected to be posted during Summer 2019.


Due: RFPs starting 09/30/2019

Status: Not started

Beginning in September 2019, DGS, in consultation with HCD, shall issue Requests for Proposals and begin the development process.



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