The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is required to retain complete RPA packages for five years after a hire is made per 2 CCR § 26. A complete RPA Package includes OHR recruitment documents AND program hiring documents. DGS programs are now responsible for submitting their hiring documents to OHR throughout the hiring process.

Roles and Responsibilities


Hiring Manager (HM) - It is the role of the HM to evaluate applicant’s qualifications to determine which applicants are the most qualified for the position. The HM is responsible for developing and applying job related application screening criteria against all applications received in ECOS to determine if the recruitment resulted in a sufficient number of qualified applicants for consideration. It is also the responsibility of the HM to develop job related interview questions and conduct a fair and equitable interview process.

Employee Resource Liaison (ERL) - It is the responsibility of the ERL to provide guidance to HM’s and gather all hiring documents. ERL is then responsible to scan the documents in accordance with the document guidelines and time frames listed on the eRPA Coversheet and upload the eRPA Sections to Tracker.

Office of Human Resources

Customer Resource Unit (CRU) - CRU receives all mailed and drop-off applications and scans them to a secured shared drive.

Certifications Unit (Certs) - Certs accesses secured shared drive and uploads the applications to ECOS.

Examinations Unit (Exams) - Exams reviews eRPA Coversheet Section 1a for completion and if complete, proceeds to perform a final eligibility evaluation.

Classification and Pay Unit (C&P) - C&P reviews eRPA Coversheet Sections 1b (if applicable) and 2 for completion and if approved, proceeds with the hiring process.

Document Guidelines

The documents listed below is in reference to the eRPA Cover Sheet. The guidelines below are to help program understand the required Request for Personnel Action documents that will be submitted to OHR.

Application Review Spreadsheet

The screening process begins with a review of applications and/or materials sent in response to the job posting. This review is done to ensure that applicants have all of the qualifications specified in the job posting. All applications must be reviewed and ranked using a numerical rating system, including the applications for recruitments that did not result in a qualified candidate pool. Please click on Application Review to learn more.

Interview Schedule

Your interview schedule will include all names of the interview panel and applicants interviewed.

Interview Questions

Interview questions will be job related and a combination of behavioral and technical based. Click on Hiring Handbook to learn more.

Interview Rating Criteria

Interview Rating Criteria defines the numerical rating system used when evaluating responses during the interview. If a 5-point scale is utilized, you must define what a 1-point response is compared to a 5-point response. See example below:

5 - Excellent experience or background that fits the job
4 - Good experience or background that fits most of the job
3 - Some experience or background but training will be needed
2 - Experience and background is very limited
1 - Experience or background is not apparent

Interview Notes and Scores

Participants of interview panels will be taking notes during the interview and score each candidate’s response. Click on Hiring Handbook to learn more.

Click on Interview Guide to view a template that incorporates all four interview components (questions, rating scale, notes and final score).

Authorization to Release Information

Obtain a signed Authorization to Release Information (DGS OHR 18) from the applicant. This allows you to contact current/former supervisor(s) and review the Official Personnel Folder (OPF) if the applicant is a current/former State employee. Read Reference Checks to learn more.

Additional Documentation

Click on document list to see a list of documents that may be part of an RPA Package.


Documentation of “why you hired, who you hired” is required at the end of the recruitment. There are two boxes on the eRPA Cover Sheet which may be utilized by program. HM may also attach a separate document explaining their hiring decision.