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The Portfolio Management Unit has expert knowledge of local commercial real estate markets and provides inventory management of state-owned and leased real property assets. It performs initial screenings of proposed projects for consistency with regional facilities plans and develops rent structures for DGS-owned buildings, as well as managing leases for state agencies.

The Portfolio Management Unit prepares long-term forecasts and implementation strategies for future state office requirements.  Additionally, this section maintains an inventory of the State’s real property assets, which includes real estate holdings, surplus real property, State-owned structures and leased space statewide.  It collects and validates data and responds to information requests from the Department of Finance, the State Controller’s Office, Internal DGS staff, legislators, other State entities and private sector parties regarding the State’s real property assets.

The Customer Services Management Unit is the RESD “Front Door” functioning as the initial point of contact for state agencies requesting RESD services.  The Customer Services management Unit reviews and evaluates incoming CRUISE service requests to ensure project requests are well defined at inception and directed to appropriate branches for implementation.  This unit is the ongoing liaison for state agencies, including comprehensive understanding of their programs, and their real estate and facility requirements, assists client agencies with planning for and meeting their log and short-term real estate needs, and serves as a resource to RESD programs on customer activities, plans and programs.

Patrick Foster, Section Chief
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Real Estate Leasing and Planning Section (RELPS) is a full service real estate and space planning program with an experienced professional staff, that has expert knowledge of all commercial real estate markets in California. We find high quality private-sector space at market rates for state clients when there is not sufficient space in state owned buildings. RELPS utilizing its own, Green Building Leader Lease, works to secure various types of facilities from office and warehouse to more specialized uses such laboratories, airplane hangars, boat docks and other specialized facilities.

RELPS is using new space utilization standards to ensure the most efficient use of leased space, saving money and reducing our environmental impact with sustainability practices. RELPS’ strives for excellence in executing green leases and creating sustainable tenant landlord relationships by partnering with private sector building owners.

Michael Butler, Section Chief
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The Real Property Services Section (RPSS) provides real estate services related to the acquisition, use and sale of state-owned real estate. Services include

Real Property Acquisition and Transaction Review Services and Real Property Appraisal Related Services.

Bob McKinnon, Assistant Chief
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The Asset Enhancement/Surplus Sales (AE/SS) Unit identifies and implements value enhancement solutions for unused or underutilized state-owned real properties. This unit is responsible for the disposition of state-owned real property that has been declared surplus to future state needs.


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