Who We Are:

Real Estate Services Division (RESD) is a full-service real estate organization. Through a diversified team of highly competent and knowledgeable professionals, RESD's highest priority is to fulfill state agencies' facility and real property needs. This includes asset management and planning, property sales and acquisition, project management, architectural and engineering services, leasing and planning, construction management, energy efficiency and supply programs, and environmental assessments. RESD provides opportunities for private sector companies to partner with the state on its many projects.

RESD is a national and global leader, and an influential role model, in implementing environmentally sustainable practices and has received prestigious honors for designing, building, and operating state-owned facilities that are models of energy efficiency and environmental quality.

RESD manages over 24 million square feet of space in state owned or managed facilities. Its major capital outlay, special repair, and minor capital outlay projects encompass almost 1,200 projects valued in excess of $4.2 billion.


Asset Management Branch (AMB) serves as the initial point of contact in the Real Estate Services Division for our customers and is the single point of entry for requesting new services. AMB oversees leasing, space planning and interior design, sales, appraisal, and acquisition services. AMB is also responsible for maximizing the performance of state real estate assets by identifying and implementing value enhancement solutions for unused and underutilized state-owned properties.  

Construction Inspection & Management Branch (CIMB) provides a full range of construction phase services for State public works projects. These services include: construction management, quality assurance inspection and testing, code inspection to ensure compliance, after-contract guarantee enforcement, construction contract dispute resolution, rapid design, and construction and direct construction services.

Project Management and Development Branch (PMDB) provides architectural and engineering services; space planning and interior design; construction and construction inspection services; energy and environmental services, and other competencies such as seismic retrofits, asbestos abatement, and underground tank removal.

PMDB additionally provides project management services for complex real estate projects. PMDB manages the design and construction process on behalf of state agencies and departments. PMDB assists state agencies and departments in developing conceptual documents for cost and budget control, programming, site planning and master planning, and other documents for conceptualizing capital outlay projects that are necessary to obtain legislative authorization and funding projects.


RESD Headquarters Office

Department of General Services
Real Estate Services Division

707 Third Street, 4th Floor
West Sacramento, California 95605

Main Line: (916) 375-4700
Email: DGSRESDGeneralInquiries@dgs.ca.gov