Appraisal Review

When a state agency is in need of an appraisal review, DGS will provide an independent formal review that ensures the appraisal is prepared in conformance with accepted appraisal principles and practices to enable the agency to fulfill their program needs.

Department of General Services Appraisal Guidelines

Appraisal Specifications 

Appraisal Guidelines for the Acquisition of Conservation Lands by Acquisition Agencies Subject to Public Resources Code Section 5096.501 et al

Appraisal reports prepared for the acquisition of any land or interest therein by or with funding from an “acquisition agency” as defined in Public Resources Code Section 5096.501(a) must conform to the following minimum standards in order to be considered for Appraisal Review by the State. See California Code of Regulations 1880.


When a state agency is in need of an appraisal of public or private real property or property rights, the client agency should contact the appraisal unit manager for further discussions regarding specific details pertaining to the request so that DGS can assist them with fulfilling their needs to the best extent possible.

Requesting Appraisal Services

Each Appraisal service request will require the completion of a Global CRUISE Request.  A link to the Global CRUISE System can be found on the RESD website or at the link on the left hand side of this page.A copy of the completed CRUISE request must be included with each Appraisal Review package submittal.


Link to State Administrative Manual Section 1323.12 (Acquisition of Real Property)

Request Real Property Acquisition and Transaction Review Services

Appraisal/Appraisal Review Contact

Matt Keefe, Unit Manager

Department of General Services
Real Estate Services Division

707 Third Street, 5th Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

(916) 375-4010


Submit your request for real estate services through Global CRUISE (Customer Requests: Upgraded Information Sharing Environment).