Architectural and Engineering Project Academic Core

Project Management and Development Branch (PMDB) provides architectural and engineering services; space planning and interior design; construction and construction inspection services; energy and environmental services, and other competencies such as seismic retrofits, asbestos abatement, and underground tank removal.

PMDB additionally provides project management services for complex real estate projects. PMDB manages the design and construction process on behalf of state agencies and departments. PMDB assists state agencies and departments in developing conceptual documents for cost and budget control, programming, site planning and master planning, and other documents for conceptualizing capital outlay projects that are necessary to obtain legislative authorization and funding projects.


Architecture and Engineering Sections provide in-house architecture and engineering resources and services for the Department of General Services and other governmental clients.

Environmental Services Unit has extensive experience in the preparation and management of environmental studies and documents (environmental impact reports/statements, etc.) as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and regulatory agencies.

Project Management Sections provide project management services for complex real estate projects.


Project Management & Development Branch

Department of General Services
Real Estate Service Division

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