Forms listed on this page can be used in any of the OAH General Jurisdiction Division hearings.  These forms and links are not specific to any one program.  


The Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq.), commonly known as the ADA, is a federal civil rights statute that requires state governmental entities, such as the Office of Administrative Hearings, to accommodate the needs of qualified individuals who have an interest in our activities, programs and services.  For additional information and forms visit the Request for Reasonable Accommodations for OAH Legal Proceedings page.


The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) expects all parties to redact (black out) from documents filed with OAH, including pleadings and exhibits, all confidential personal information whenever possible. Confidential personal information includes crime victim or investigative complaining witness names, addresses, and telephone numbers. It also includes all social security numbers, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, dates of birth, names of minor children, and medical information. When redacting social security or financial numbers, the last four digits may be revealed if necessary. 

If it is not possible to redact confidential personal information from a document, OAH expects the party offering the document to request an appropriate Request for Protective Order Sealing Confidential Records (OAH 5). This is an optional form.

All attorneys and parties appearing before OAH and offering documents containing confidential personal information must take the necessary steps to redact the information or request appropriate orders.

OAH also have available an optional Proposed Protective Order Sealing Confidential Records form available for use. Parties who are submitting a request for an order sealing records are encouraged to complete the Order form and submit it to OAH as a proposed order.

Complete Request for Security Services form (OAH 9) and submit to you local Office of Administrative Hearings office to request security.  Any party or participant in a proceeding before OAH may request security for the proceeding. Cal. Code Regs., tit. 1., § 1019. (Outside Link)

Employee Mediations are between employees of an agency or department.  The agency will complete and submit this form when requesting a mediation.  Visit About Specialized Cases for more information. 

If you are a state agency looking to utilized this process, complete the State Employee Dispute Mediation Intake form (OAH 46) and submit it to your local Office of Administrative Hearings office.

Only the Office of Administrative Hearings or attorneys licensed in California acting on behalf of a party may sign a Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum. OAH have available for use the Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum form (OAH 1).  For more information about the subpoena form visit Subpoena Overview for General Jurisdiction Cases.

If you are proceeding without an attorney, the subpoena form must be signed by an Administrative Law Judge.


Any person seeking to get a transcript of their hearing or an administrative record request should contact the administrative record coordinator at OAH.  For information regarding transcript visit the Request OAH Transcripts or Administrative Records page.

Request for Continuance

The Continuance for Unrepresented Respondents form (OAH 23) is designed to help self-represented parties provide information required when requesting a continuance of an APA hearing pursuant to the Cal. Code of Reg., tit.1 §1020. (Outside Link) 

Complete this form and submit it to your local Office of Administrative Hearings office. All documents filed with OAH must include proof of service to show that the document or documents were served on OAH and all other parties involved in the matter.  When filing documents with the General Jurisdiction Division, parties must comply with California Code of Regulations, title 1, section 1008.  Many people use the CA Judicial Council Forms, which are accepted at OAH.

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