Below is a list of DDS forms offered by OAH and links to additional forms often used in DDS hearings offered by the Department of Developmental Services.  For information about DDS hearings visit About Department of Developmental Services Case Type

OAH - DDS Forms

The Lanterman Request for Continuance and Waiver of Time form (OAH 24) is used to request a continuance of Mediation and/or Fair Hearing.  In order to request a continuance you must waive your time for hearing and decision.  Complete this form and submit it to your local Office of Administrative Hearings office.  Welf. & Inst. Code, Ā§ 4712.5, subd. (a) (Outside Link)

The Lanterman Waiver of Time form (OAH 25) is used when requesting a continuance or when selecting a date outside of the set timelines.  see Welf. & Inst. Code, § 4712.5, subd. (a) and Welf. & Inst. Code, § 4712.5, subd. (c). (Outside Link)  Complete this form and submit it to your local Office of Administrative Hearings office.

Regional Centers will complete the Regional Center Request to Set Lanterman Fair Hearing form  (OAH 16) when requesting a Mediation or Hearing pursuant to Cal.Code of Reg., tit.1 §1018. (Outside Link) Submit the completed form along with supporting documents to your local Office of Administrative Hearings office.

Other Forms Used in DDS Hearings

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