Any person seeking to get a transcript of their hearing or a copy of their administrative record should contact the administrative records coordinator at OAH. There are some privacy restrictions, but the administrative records coordinator should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding transcripts or administrative record requests.

To request an administrative record please review the instructions below. If your case is a Special Education case you will need to review the information under the  "Special Education" section below. All other cases will fall under the "General Jurisdiction" section and you will need to review the information under that section.

For either a Special Education case or a General Jurisdiction case, you will first complete the transcript request estimate form. In some cases a payment may be required to obtain a transcript. PAYMENTS FOR ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS SHOULD ONLY BE MADE IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN ADMINISTRATIVE  RECORD COST ESTIMATE FROM THE ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS COORDINATOR.

If you have received an Administrative Cost Estimate from the Administrative Records Coordinator, review the information provided on our Administrative Records Payments page for ways to make this payment. The Administrative Records Payments page may be accessed by using the E-PAY portal on this page.

Transcript Request Forms

Instructions for Ordering the Certified Record in General Jurisdiction Proceedings

The Office of Administrative Hearings is able to prepare the administrative record of matters that it has in its possession.  The administrative record in any case is made up of two parts: (1) a written record of what was said during the hearing (transcript); and (2) a record of the documents filed before, during, and after the hearing (OAH clerk’s record).

General Jurisdiction Hearings result in either a final decision or a proposed decision and are reported by a court reporter or are electronically recorded by the Administrative Law Judge presiding over the hearing. The records available from OAH will depend on whether the decision issued was final or proposed. 

If a court reporter was present at the hearing, requests should be made directly to the court reporting agency to obtain a transcript of the hearing.  Contact information is listed on the Court Reporter Information and Billing Detail sheet provided at hearing.  OAH cannot assist with requesting or purchasing a transcript from a court reporter.

If the hearing was electronically recorded, a written transcript or audio recordings of the oral proceedings may be obtained from OAH. A transcript or audio recordings of the complete or partial hearing may be requested. Partial transcripts may be limited by date, topic, or witness. Hearing audio is available either on disc or via an internet accessible download link.

If OAH issued a final decision in a case, OAH can provide a clerk’s record of all the documents that were filed in the case.

If OAH issued a proposed decision in a case, OAH can only provide a clerk’s record of those documents it currently retains, which would not include either the final decision or the hearing exhibits.  A request for certified copies of the final decision or hearing exhibits would need to be made directly with the administrative agency involved in the matter.

To order any part of the administrative record from OAH, a completed OAH Certified Administrative Record Order (DGS-OAH 7) request must be submitted to the OAH Administrative Record Coordinator.  Upon receipt of the Certified Administrative Record Order, the Administrative Record Coordinator will send out a cost estimate within three business days.  OAH will not prepare any record order until it has received payment, either by check, money order, or credit card. 

Public Records Act Requests

Public Records Act requests are different than requests for certified copies of the administrative record.  Requests for OAH public records may be submitted to

Transcript Estimate Request - DGS-OAH-7


Office of Administrative Hearings

Administrative Records Coordinator

Phone: (916) 263-0550



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