The case types listed below are a representative sample of other types of cases. If you have a question about a specific type of case, please contact OAH.

Other Specialized Case Types

OAH offers alternative dispute resolution with the consent of all the parties with the followings:

(1) Mediation by a neutral mediator.

(2) Binding arbitration by a neutral arbitrator. An award in a binding arbitration is subject to judicial review in the manner provided in Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 1285) of Title 9 of Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

(3) Nonbinding arbitration by a neutral arbitrator. The arbitrator's decision in a nonbinding arbitration is final unless within 30 days after the arbitrator delivers the award to the agency head a party requests that the agency conduct a de novo adjudicative proceeding.  If the decision in the de novo proceeding is not more favorable to the  party electing the de novo proceeding, the party shall pay the costs and fees specified in Section 1141.21 of the Code of Civil Procedure insofar as applicable in the adjudicative proceeding.

For additional information about mediation, visit the Mediation Information page.

For additional information about alternative dispute resolution visit the Other Specialized Case Type Resources page or click on the Resources link below.

Direct Service Contract Disputes Between Private, Non-Profit Human Service Organizations and Health and Welfare Agency and Its Component Departments.  Disputes between Health and Welfare Agencies and service providers over the administration of service contracts are brought to OAH under Health and Safety Code section 38036 and 1 CCR 1140. For additional information, please contact the applicable Health and Welfare Agency.
The administrative appeals by local educational agencies of educational funding reporting and compliance requirements. For additional information, please see the Educational Audits Appeal Panel website at (Outside Link)

Employee Mediations are mediations between employees of an agency or department.  When there’s a conflict between employees, the agency may offer mediation as a way of informally resolving the issue(s) to preserve a productive and healthy work environment while avoiding further escalation of the issue.  Supervisors or managers of the employees are welcome to participate at the mediation as a mediation participant not as a boss. 

State Agency Reports and Forms Appeals are cases in which an appeal is filed pursuant to subdivision of (c) of Government Code section 14775.  The appeals concern the annual certification of reports and forms by state agencies. For additional information, please see Government Code sections 11380 and 14775 and 1 CCR 1100.

Specialized Case Type Resources

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