Requesting Hearing Dates

To facilitate the hearing request process, OAH has developed a Teacher Reduction in Force Request to Set form (OAH 18) for these hearings. Complete the request to set form and file it by Secure e-file with the appropriate OAH regional office. The appropriate OAH regional office is the office that covers the county in which the school district is located. School districts should complete the form by including all requested information. Submitting an incomplete request to set form may result in a delay in setting your case for hearing. 

All forms should be submitted electronically using the OAH Secure E-File Transfer (SFT) system.

For information about Teacher Reduction in Force hearings visit About Teacher Reduction in Force Proceedings.

Teacher Reduction in Force Forms

School Districts should complete the Teacher Reduction in Force Request to Set form (OAH 18) in it's entirety.  

Please note these specific points about the request to set form: 

  • One form per district: One Request to Set form must be completed for each school distinct layoff hearing. Request to Set forms that seek to schedule hearings for more than one school district will be rejected by OAH.
  • Contact Information: Provide complete contact information for the district superintendent including a fax number. This information is essential in order to transmit the proposed decision to the proper person.
  • Respondent count: Provide the number of respondents as known on the day of filing. OAH realizes the number will probably decrease, but must have the number at the outset to facilitate setting aside the right amount of time for hearing.
  • Hearing location: Identify the hearing location as specifically as possible, including, street address, room number, city name, and zip code. For considerations in selecting a hearing room, see Hearing Room Considerations.
  • Conflict dates: Provide the dates for the district's spring break and standardized testing as well as any known "unacceptable" dates. Although OAH makes an effort to schedule hearings on the dates the parties request, given the significant number of teacher layoff hearings scheduled in a short time frame, OAH cannot guarantee that parties will receive their requested dates.
  • Most importantly, provide the identity and contact information for the teachers' attorney/representative and indicate whether the district's attorney has been in contact with the teachers' attorney/representative to discuss available and unavailable dates. Please indicate the basis for any disagreement as to acceptable hearing dates. A copy of the completed request to set form should be served on the teachers' attorney/representative.
  • Request for pre-hearing conference: The form also asks whether you are requesting a pre-hearing conference and for any specific issues you believe should be addressed at the conference, such as discovery needs or special credentialing information. A pre-hearing conference will generally be scheduled for any hearings that are four days or longer, or involve 100 or more respondents.

After the completed OAH 18 is filed, the OAH calendar clerk in the regional office in which the case is filed will set hearing dates. Once set, the school district will be notified of the hearing dates with instructions to send the formal notice of hearing promptly to all teachers who requested a hearing. 

If you are aware of other districts in the same general location that are likely to be requesting hearings, note the names of those districts on a cover sheet to your request to set form or in a phone call to the calendar clerk. Hearings at adjacent locations will probably be handled by one judge on the same or sequential dates.

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