The Procurement Division's One-Time Acquisitions (OTA) Unit conducts procurements on behalf of state departments for purchases that exceed a department's delegated purchasing authority.

OTA conducts these type of Procurements: 

  • Information technology (IT) goods and services that are not related to a non-delegated IT Project.

  • Review and approves STD 213-Standard Agreements, including Interagency Standard Agreements (IAAs), that are not related to a non-delegated IT Project.

  • Non-IT goods procurements.

OTA works in a collaborative effort with the department’s personnel and Procurement Division buyers, engineers, and management to conduct successful procurements. These procurements are conducted in accordance with the State Contracting Manuals (SCMs), State Administrative Manual (SAM), and other applicable rules, guidelines, and codes.

To begin the procurement process, departments that are required to submit Requisitions through the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) must do so.  Departments that are future wave, exempt, or deferred, must submit their Purchase Estimates (STD. 66) directly to OTA for processing.


One-Time Acquisitions

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