The Department of General Services (DGS) Procurement Division (PD) sets state procurement policies and provides purchasing services.  It delegates purchasing authority; certifies small and/or disabled veteran businesses to do business with the state; sponsors the Small Business Council; participates in the Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Council; and provides innovative purchasing methods that save taxpayers' dollars, integrating quality solutions to meet customers' needs.


Provide effective leadership to deliver innovative procurement solutions enabling our customers to serve the people of California.

Deputy Director

Angela Shell


The Acquisitions branch provides innovative procurement solutions enabling state agencies to acquire the goods and services needed to serve the people of California. This includes conducting purchases, developing contracts and other purchasing solutions, acquisition financing services, and transportation logistics.

Business Units

The Business Development Program’s manager collaborates with a variety of business groups to enhance commerce with California businesses and underrepresented business groups. In addition to leading relationship development efforts between these groups and state departments, the program manager assists the Outreach in identifying outreach activities.

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Business Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mailing Address:
Angel Carrera
Certification and Outreach Branch Chief 
Department of General Services, Procurement Division
707 Third Street, 1st Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone Number: (916) 375-5975


The Engineering Branch oversees and administers the State's Standards and Quality Control and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing programs. This branch provides assistance to PD branches, state and local government agencies in the technical areas of procurement, performance and environmental standards, specification and policy development.


Contact Information

Business Hours
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mailing Address 
Department of General Services 
Procurement Division 
Engineering Branch 
707 Third Street, Second Floor 
West Sacramento, California 95605

Charleen Fain-Keslar

Standards and Quality Control Manager

Engineering Branch Chief

Phone: (916) 375-4454


Fax: Number: (916) 375-4522


By Specialty


Analytical and computer goods

Dave Avera

Senior Procurement Engineer

Phone: (916) 375-4524



Francisco Silahua

Associate Procurement Engineer

Phone: (916) 375-4564


Environmentally preferable purchasing

Mark Wriston

Senior Procurement Engineer

Phone: (916) 375-5899


Heavy construction equipment

Dave Avera

Senior Procurement Engineer

Phone: (916) 375-4542


Strategic planning for sustainable procurement

Devika Singh

Research Data Specialist II

Phone: (916) 617-3645


Transportation & miscellaneous equipment

Jatinder Hundal

Senior Procurement Engineer

Phone: (916) 375-4525


The Certification and Outreach Branch supports the state of California’s small business (SB) and disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) firms through outreach, education, advocacy and certification services. This branch works to ensure the state as a whole, and each department and agency, meet the 25 percent SB participation goal and 3 percent DVBE participation goal. This branch processes certification applications, addresses certification inquiries, conducts outreach to businesses, and supports buyers throughout the state to work with SBs and DVBEs.

Business Units

The PT&CS Branch provides an array of services to California State Agencies in the areas of statewide procurement policy, procurement training, disputes and resolution, delegated purchasing authority, eProcurement and procurement legislation. These services aim to provide consistency, transparency and educational resources to our customers who serve the people of California.

Business Units


Procurement Division

Department of General Services

707 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605


Toll Free: (800) 559-5529
Local: (916) 375-4400