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School districts can apply for this service to construct new school facilities or retrofit existing school facilities for the purpose of providing full-day kindergarten classrooms. Assembly Bill 1808, the Education Finance: Education Omnibus Trailer Bill, was approved by the Governor and was chaptered on June 27, 2018. The General Fund appropriated $100,000,000 in one-time grants for the construction or retrofit of kindergarten classrooms. The State Allocation Board will adopt regulations to administer this Program.

Application Submittal Filing Rounds

  • First Round: January 2, 2019 - January 31, 2019. $37.5 million available.
  • Second Round: May 1, 2019 - May 30, 2019. $60.0 million available.

Full-Day Kindergarten Facilities Program

Pursuant to FDKFGP statute, school districts currently serving Kindergarten pupils that would like to offer full-day kindergarten may apply for funding. County offices of education, local education agencies, charter schools, joint powers of authority, and the State Department of Education, may not apply for the Full-Day Kindergarten grant. Projects submitted by school districts are eligible for funding if they meet the following requirements:

  1. School districts have or will have school board approval to provide full-day kindergarten.
  2. School districts must lack the facilities to appropriately provide full-day kindergarten.

Per Education Code Section 17375(b)(1), grants will only be awarded to school districts that lack the facilities to provide full-day kindergarten or lack the facilities that satisfy the design requirements required for new kindergarten classrooms as specified by California Code of Regulations Section 14030(h)(2). For the purposes of determining classroom capacity, each kindergarten classroom will be loaded pursuant to State loading standards at 25 pupils. If the school site in the application has kindergarten classrooms that currently house more than 25 pupils in a kindergarten classroom (for example, AM and PM kindergarten classes in the same classroom), then they may be eligible for the FDKFGP funding.

For more detailed information on program eligibility refer to FDKFGP Regulation Section 1860.5.

Type of Funding Available

  • New Construction
    • Projects may consist of the construction of a new facility or the acquisition and conversion of an existing building for public school use. Projects must be on or adjacent to an existing school site.
  • New Construction with Advance
    • Projects may apply for an advance of funds if they do not have all required documents at the time of the submittal of Application for Funding (Form SAB 70-01)
  • Retrofit
    • A construction project to retrofit an existing school facility to adequately house full-day kindergarten pupils.
  • Retrofit with Advance
    • Projects may apply for an advance of funds if they do not have all required documents at the time of the submittal of Application for Funding (Form SAB 70-01)
  • The base grant may be increased by the following additional grants supported by the project:
New Construction Retrofit

Site Acquisition

Automatic fire detection/alarm system

Hazardous waste removal

Site Development

Automatic fire detection/alarm system.

50-year old utilities

Automatic sprinkler system

Project Assistance

Site Development


Multilevel classroom construction

Project assistance


Application Submittal

  • All school districts applying for FDKFGP funding must include the following documents:
    • Narrative of the proposed project, which should include:
      • Explain current kindergarten classroom usage
      • Explain the District’s proposed scope of work in the project plans
      • Explain the District’s planned kindergarten classroom usage at the completion of the project
    • Current kindergarten enrollment at the site, prior to project completion, i.e.
      • CBEDS Report or other School District documents
    • Site map
      • Identify and label all current classrooms housing kindergarten pupils
      • Identify and label Title 5 kindergarten compliant classrooms
      • Identify any kindergarten classrooms that will not provide full-day kindergarten at the completion of the project (If applying for retrofit funding, identify which facilities the district plans to retrofit)

A school district that has received funds in accordance with the program must submit a valid Expenditure Report (Form SAB 70-03) at the completion of the project. A project is considered complete when either of the following occurs: 1) When the notice of completion has been filed; all outstanding invoices, claims, and change orders have been satisfied and the facility is currently in use by the school district, or; 2) One year from the final fund release. A final savings report shall be due one year after the first expenditure report. OPSC will use the information provided on and with the 70-03 to ensure that expenditures made by the school districts for FDKFGP projects comply with program statute and other applicable State requirements pertaining to construction.

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