The OPSC is under the authority of the state of California’s Department of General Services. As staff to the State Allocation Board (SAB) the OPSC implements and administers a $42 billion voter-approved school facilities construction program. Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Processing and funding school facility construction grant applications
  • Assisting school districts throughout the life cycle of a school facilities construction project
  • Auditing school facility construction project expenditures
  • Accounting and reconciliation functions
  • Providing administrative support for the SAB
  • Preparing regulations, policies and procedures in order to carry out the mandates of the SAB

The OPSC prepares agendas for the SAB meetings to keep record of all past and present SAB actions. Stakeholders use the agenda to track the progress of specific projects and/or availability of funds.



Ms. Keely Bosler

Director, Department of Finance

Designee: Gayle Miller

State Capitol, Room 1145

Sacramento, CA 95814



Ms. Ana Lasso

Director, Department of General Services

707 Third Street, 8th Floor

West Sacramento, CA 95605


Mr. Tony Thurmond

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Department of Education

Designee: Juan Mireles

1430 N. Street, Suite 1201

Sacramento, CA 95814



Mr. Jeremy Smith, Governor's Appointee

Deputy Legislative Director

State Building & Construction Trades Council of California

1231 I Street, Suite 302

Sacramento, CA 95814



Senator Scott Wilk

State Capitol, Room 3063

Sacramento, CA 95814



Senator Connie Leyva

State Capitol, Room 4061

Sacramento, CA 95814



Senator John Laird

State Capitol, Room 4040

Sacramento, CA 95814


 Assembly Member Chad Mayes

State Capitol, Room 4098

Sacramento, CA 95814



 Assembly Member Patrick O'Donnell

State Capitol, Room 4166

Sacramento, CA 95814


Assembly Member Autumn R. Burke

State Capitol, Room 5150

Sacramento, CA 95814


Lisa Silverman, Executive Officer

Office of Public School Construction

Department of General Services

707 Third Street
Sacramento, CA 95605
Phone: 916.376.1771