April 17, 2019 – Amended Agenda (PDF)(DOC) – Approved Meeting Minutes (PDF) (DOC)

Meeting Documents 

Agenda Item 7 

  • (a) Current Legislation and Initiatives Impacting Disability Access (PDF)
  • (b) San Francisco Office of Small Business Presentation (PDF)

Agenda Item 8 - Legislative Bill Tracking Report (PDF) (DOC)

Agenda Item 9

  • (a) CCDA Southern California Community Gathering Event Flyer (PDF)(DOC)
  • (c) ADA Coordination Research Project (PDF) (DOC)

Agenda Item 10

  • (c) CCDA Customer Service Inquiries (PDF) (DOC)

Agenda Item 11

  • (a) Staff Recommended Review of CCDA Mandates and Structure (PDF) (DOC)
  • (b) Identification of Business Community Organizations (PDF) (DOC)
  • (c) CCDA Staff Assessment of Five-Year Strategic Plan Goals Progress (PDF) (DOC)
  • (c) CCDA Five-Year Strategic Plan Assessment Worksheets (PDF) (DOC)



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