Learn about disability access resources for businesses:

Business Resources

- Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations - The complete Title III Regulations from the ADA, updated in 2017


Open-air Dining & Curbside Pickup Disability Access Considerations (PDF) - Consider these disability access tips when your business is conducting operations outdoors. Alternative language translations are available in: Text Only (DOC)Spanish Translation (PDF), and Traditional Chinese Translation (PDF) and Simplified Chinese Translation (PDF)


Myths and Misconceptions: Accessibility Compliance for Businesses (DOC) – Common myths and misconceptions about access compliance for business establishments are debunked in this resource guide. Alternative language translations are available in: Spanish Translation (PDF)Traditional Chinese, Long Form Translation (DOC)


California Consumer Toolkit for the Restaurant Industry (PDF) -This toolkit is intended to provide a general overview of disability access laws, resources, and solutions on how to get started. Also available in text-only (DOC) format.


- Access Compliance Resources for Businesses and Consumers - Resources from state agencies regarding disability access compliance for businesses and consumers.


Five Steps for Business Accessibility (DOC) – Prevent costly lawsuits and build a wider customer base with these five steps.


Serving Customers with Disabilities: Tools for Success (PPT) - A guide on interacting with people with disabilities that is designed for customer service staff and can be used independently or with a group.  This presentation is provided by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center.


Boost Your Business: Disability Access Requirements for Business (YouTube) - A video produced by the Department of Rehabilitation designed to provide information to businesses on how to comply with disability access requirements.


- Disability Access: Tips for the Small Business (YouTube) – This video provides access information and tips for businesses to improve accessibility.


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