Elley Klausbruckner

Appointed by Governor Brown on January 10, 2014

Appointment Expiration: January 1, 2021


Commissioner Klausbruckner, P.E. is the owner and principal at Klausbruckner & Associates, a Fire Protection Engineering and Building Code Consulting firm. Elley specializes in the areas of fire protection engineering and code analysis and has served for several years on the nation’s highly regarded fire and building code committees, such as the International Fire Code committee and the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 13 (Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria) committee.


Elley received her Bachelor of Science from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1990 and her Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering in 1994.  Her work on commercial, industrial, and government projects has been widely recognized by her peers and as a result has gained her the respect and trust of fire protection professionals and code regulators. She takes an active role in her community, volunteering time to teach classes to local city and county fire service personnel. She addresses subjects such as High-Piled Storage and Hazardous Materials. She also serves as a member of the City of San Diego Board of Building Appeals and Advisors.


Since 1998, Elley has authored several publications including the 3rd Edition of SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers) Reference Manual for the P.E. (Principles and Practices of Engineering) Exam in Fire Protection Engineering (Information Sources for Analysis chapter which includes codes and standards sections), Application Guide to High-Piled Storage (1st Edition), and Chapter 15 (Flammable Finishes) of the International Fire Code Commentary 2000 published by ICC.  She has coauthored a rewrite of Chapter 15 (Flammable Finishes) of the International Fire Code (proposed and approved in the 2005/2006 code cycle).


She was awarded the Fire Prevention Educator of the Year award for 2010-2011 by the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Fire Prevention Officer Section (SDCFPO).