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Implementing CAL-Card Program

Each agency must designate an agency Program Administrator who will serve as the primary point of contact between the participating agency and U.S. Bank (card issuer). The agency must also identify an alternate Program Administrator to provide back-up assistance to the primary Program Administrator. To add or change an agency Program Administrator, contact

All agency program participants must be immediately notified of additions or changes to those designated as Program Administrators for the agency including contact name, email address and phone number. Card issuer and the State CAL-Card Program Office must be immediately notified if and when changes occur.

The agency must also identify and immediately update contact information to card issuer for the following:

  • Billing and Dispute Office
  • Approvers
  • Cardholders

The designated Program Administrator(s) for an agency is the primary point of contact for agency program participants and is responsible for the program management and oversight of the agency’s CAL-Card program including but not limited to:

  • Ensures cardholders recognize CAL-Card is a payment mechanism only and all purchases must comply with all existing procurement policies and procedures

  • Compliance with all applicable procurement laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and best practices

  • Adherence to procurement policies, procedures and processes as documented in State Contract Manuals volumes two (2), three (3), and F (State Agencies Only)

  • Provide training and support for U.S. Bank Access® Online to agency staff as necessary

  • Development and enforcement of internal agency policies, procedures, guides, and training

  • Schedule and conduct initial and recurrent training of all program participants to ensure participant proficiency is maintained

  • Consistent administration of contract and payment terms including but not limited to:

    • Establishing card limits and restrictions

    • Ordering VISA cards online as required

    • Monitoring card usage, ensuring timely card transaction reconciliation, and taking corrective action if compliance with policies and procedures is violated

    • Tracking dispute, fraud and lost card occurrences and taking corrective action as necessary

    • Ensuring prompt payment to the card issuer within forty-five (45) days of undisputed transaction

    • Proactively ensuring past due amounts do not exceed sixty (60) days

    • Eliminating charge-off occurrences

    • Immediately notifying the State CAL-Card Program Office of emergency or disaster relief deployments (State Agencies Only)

  • Proactive communication of program issues with card issuer and State CAL-Card Program Office as necessary


The Department of General Services Procurement Division and the CAL-Card contractor, U.S. Bank, have collaborated to provide online training workshops, web-based training (WBT), and training videos for CAL-Card participating agencies. Available training (provided by the contractor) includes:

Access® Online Training Workshops
Access® Online Training Workshops are live training sessions which provide general CAL-Card program information for agency Program Administrator(s) and Billing Official(s). Cardholders may attend workshops if directed by their agency.

Register for Access® Online Training Workshops at CAL-Card Training Schedule

Web-Based Training (WBT)
U.S. Bank offers users guides, lessons, simulations, live training sessions and an optional certification process that includes quizzes to ensure agency participants are trained. To access the Web-Based Training site, please log into Access® Online and click "Training" on the bottom left corner of the screen. if you require assistance, please email

Training Videos
On-demand videos covering a variety of topics related to the management of a CAL-Card Program include:

  • CAL-Card Overview - General program management topics, along with different ways to maximize CAL-Card benefits.
  • Create a Learning Plan - Introduction to Access® Online WBT and how to create a unique learning plan.
  • Payment Analytics Training - Overview of the free online audit system, Payment Analytics, which monitors 100% of card transactions.
  • Fraud Training - Detailed explanation on how to mitigate and report fraud, including an explanation of fraud trends.

State Agency California Procurement and Contracting Academy (CalPCA) Courses
State agencies should ensure cardholders, Program Administrator(s) and Billing Official(s) have pursued available acquisition courses as part of their overall training plan. To view course offerings offered by the State of California, click on CalPCA.

CAL Card Program Contact(s)

U.S. Bank

State CAL-Card Program 
Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street, Second Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (916) 376-2939