It is important to emphasize to cardholders the need to immediately notify the contractor (U.S. Bank) of any CAL-Card loss, theft or fraudulent charge.

Once a loss, theft or fraudulent charge has been reported to the contractor, a new card with new account number will be mailed to the agency or cardholder within two business days. To facilitate billing and account reconciliation, purchases made after the cycle date and prior to the date of the above reported event are automatically billed under the new account number assigned to that cardholder.

Cardholders should be advised to carefully review their new Statement of Account and immediately report any incorrect billings to U.S. Bank Customer Service.

State Agencies (Transacting in FI$Cal)

If a charge has been loaded into FI$Cal from a lost or stolen card or is confirmed to be a fraudulent charge, the cardholder or a proxied reconciler for the cardholder should follow the steps below:

  • Put the charge in Dispute status on the Reconcile Statement page in FI$Cal.
  • Contact the contractor to close the account and issue a new card, as indicated above.
    • The contractor will credit the account, close it and issue a new card.
    • Follow up with the contractor to determine when the credit is applied.
  • Once the credit has been applied and on the next load of CAL-Card (called P-Card in FI$Cal) transactions into FI$Cal, the credit transaction will post to the correct FI$Cal cardholder profile.
  • The cardholder (or reconciler) can then reconcile BOTH the original charge and the credit at the same time.  Per FI$Cal Job Aid FISCal.346

"The Department P-Card Reconciler and/or actual Cardholder will need to reconcile both transactions, get both approved on the same day so both will be vouchered into one voucher ID. The disputed P-Card transaction will be offset by the associated credit P-Card transaction. If there is any difference between the total disputed charge and credit amount, only the difference will be paid to US Bank.

Note:   User should NEVER reconcile the disputed and credit transactions separately because this will potentially create a zero or negative amount voucher. This zero or negative amount voucher ID will not be picked up by SCO Pay Cycle, therefore it will require additional work from the Accounting staff."


Contact U.S. Bank with following information:

1. Cardholder's complete name
2. Account number
3. Circumstances surrounding the loss of the card
4. Any purchase(s) made on the day the card was lost or stolen
5. Details of last purchase amount and location
6. Cardholder verification information (one or all of these may be requested)

  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Number in lieu of Social Security Number

NOTE: This information is needed to protect the agency and to prevent fraudulent use of the lost or stolen card.


U.S. Bank (Customer Service)

Phone: (800) 344-5696