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Frequently Asked Questions

State agencies are required to abide by California State Contract Manual (SCM) policies and procedures which take precedence over any additions defined by State agencies.  Local agencies are not required to adhere to SCM policies and procedures.  All agencies must additionally adhere to all procurement laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and best practices as defined by the State (provided they do not conflict with SCM) or Local agency which includes but is not limited to the application of all sales and use tax laws, rules and policies as applicable to the purchase:

  • SCM Volume FI$Cal – Chapter 8, Section B, Topics 2-5
The CAL-Card is a "no cost" program unless an unpaid invoice has accrued late penalties.
The State Contract Manual (SCM) specifies that payment to a supplier must occur within forty-five (45) days of receipt of invoice or similar notification.  See SCM Volume FI$Cal (SCMF) – Chapter 8, 8.A1.1 Required payment date.  SCMF cites Government Code Section 927 et seq. which states the provisions of the California Prompt Payment Act will apply to all State agencies.  By law, payment terms stated within the CAL-Card Participating Addendum is mandated by GC section 927 et seq.
P-Card is the terminology used in the State Financial Information System of California or FI$Cal.  “P-Card” is simply the naming convention used in FI$Cal rather than CAL-Card.
Every agency is required to designate at least one point of contact to support agency participants in their CAL-Card Program (see Program Administrator Role and Responsibilities). U.S. Bank refers to this point of contact as the agency's Program Administrator (PA). Agencies also often refer to this point of contact as their Program Administrator. It is also highly recommended that an agency assigns a second PA to ensure program backup.  U.S. Bank can only work with the listed point of contact, also known as the authorized Program Administrator.
U.S. Bank can only work with the listed point of contact, also known as the authorized Program Administrator(s).  If your agency's listed points of contact are no longer current and need to be updated, please contact the U.S. Bank CAL-Card team for assistance (  They will take you through the processes of verification to be listed as an authorized Program Administrator or the necessary steps to update your points of contact.  If you are an existing Program Administrator and want to designate an alternative or replacement, you can do this through Access® Online and accessing System Administration, Point of Contacts.

For security reasons, U.S. Bank cannot release Program Administrator (PA) contact information. Similarly, the State CAL-Card Program Office cannot release this information. Inquiries about an agency's PA should be directed to the following agency resources for assistance:

  • Procurement Office
  • Accounts Payable
  • State Agencies granted purchasing authority by the Department of General Services are additional resources:
    • Procurement and Contracting Officer (PCO)
    • Purchasing Authority Contact (PAC)
"CAL-Card" is the State of California's Service Mark for our VISA card. If you can accept a VISA card then you accept CAL-Card.


cal-card program contact(s)

U.S. Bank
Email: CALCard@usbank

State CAL-Card Program 
Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street, Second Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (916) 376-2939