The submitting agency is responsible for certifying that each claim submitted to the State Controller's Office (SCO) for payment is in all respects true, correct, and in accordance with law.  State agencies should work directly with their SCO analyst for questions or further guidance as it relates to specific transactions.

SCO Claim Schedule Checklist

  • Follow all required laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines as provided by the various control agencies, statutes, and budget act.
  • Face sheet must be readable - including copies (second copy used for key data entry).
  • Face sheet is signed by authorized signor.
  • Maximum dollar amount for schedule is $99,999,999.00. (Larger amounts need to be split and more than one warrant will be issued.)
  • Invoice amount must support the amount claimed on the face sheet.
  • Invoices in the schedule are to be in the same order as listed on the face sheet.
  • Invoices for one vendor need to have adding tape of total amount on the top invoice.
  • Invoice vendor name must match purchase order vendor name.
  • Invoice must be billed to the state/state agency.
  • Invoice must show a date that agrees with the claim schedule appropriation FY used.
  • Invoice must be on company letterhead and include the address.
  • Invoice must include a detailed description of the service performed or the items purchased and must be sufficiently itemized.
  • Invoice date or event date must be prior to the claim schedule date.
  • Invoice must clearly show the amount of the invoice before any taxes and/or discounts.
  • Invoice must include contract number and/or purchase order number.
  • Invoice must be original or a certified copy (certification statement must have a full signature).
  • Advance payments are not allowed unless allowed by law (statute, contract, or grant).
  • Automotive repair charges over $500.00 require an Auto Inspector approval stamp.
  • Freight bills over $50.00 must include freight bill.
  • Freight bills over $500.00 require Traffic Management approval.
  • American Express Hotel lodging and meeting rooms: Contract is required.
  • If more than one contract is used for payment of a vendor, include a tape for each contract and a total tape of all payees together matching the face sheet totals.
  • Lease payment - the face sheet should clearly be marked “LEASE”. Schedule separately from other invoice types and separately by month.
  • Legal payment request has all required back up documentation attached (settlement agreement, judgement, release, finance approval, VCGCB approval, cause of action, interest computation, certification of available funds, authority to pay against Special Fund).
  • Funding must match on PO, contract, and claim schedule.
  • CMIA release dates are not beyond the 15 day prompt payment act deadline.
  • Contract is on file at the SCO 3 weeks prior to submitting the first vendor invoice.
  • Purchase order must clearly show the amount of the invoice before taxes/discounts.
  • Approver printed their name below their signature.
  • Invoice shows zero balance (no monies due).
  • Each charge has an invoice.
  • Copies are certified original.
  • Charges are appropriate for the agencies program.
  • See invoice checklist above. 


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