(Renumbered: 04/2021)

(Revised and renumbered from 8710)


Claims for money or damages against the state are presented to and acted on by the Department of General Services (DGS).

The Annual Budget Act contains appropriations to pay any claims approved by DGS, and DGS records the associated expenditures.

DGS also handles legislative claims (also known as omnibus claims) which include:

  • Claims against the state,
  • Specific cash deficiencies (SAM section 8072), and
  • Invoices payable from reverted appropriations for which no current appropriation exists for the same purpose. See SAM section 8422.12.

Information for the claim filing process is available at DGS’ Office of Risk and Insurance Management website.

Agencies/departments will receive a Controller's journal entry if payment of the DGS claim affects the agency’s/department’s accounts or appropriations.


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