(Renumbered: 10/2020)

(Revised 10/2020 and Renumbered from 8422.7)


Pursuant to Government Code section 16304.1, after an appropriation has reverted, any unpaid encumbrance against the appropriation may be paid from any current appropriations available for the same purposes. For the purpose of this section, current appropriations include any current or prior year appropriations.


Invoices payable from a reverted appropriation, for which a current appropriation is available for the same purposes, will be assembled into a claim schedule containing only this kind of invoice. Reverted year invoices will not be commingled with other invoices.


The following statement will be placed on the original copy of the claim face sheet or on the voucher invoice.


I hereby certify that the invoices contained herein are valid obligations of the State of California and were not paid before the applicable appropriation reverted. In accordance with Government Code section 16304.1, the invoices may be paid from this current appropriation which is available for the same purpose.






The claim schedule will be submitted to the State Controller’s Office for payment.


Invoices payable from reverted appropriations, for which no current appropriation is available for the same purposes, will be submitted to Department of General Services (DGS) in accordance with SAM section 8493 for government claims.


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