The application process takes thirty (30) to sixty (60) days, depending on agency needs and agency responsiveness to U.S. Bank (card issuer) requirements.

Implementation of a CAL-Card Program in an agency can take four (4) to six (6) weeks for a small agency or eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks for a large agency depending on number of cards and if the agency has more complex technical needs.  From submission of the State/Local Agency Subsidiary Agreement to receipt of cards, an implementation can take seven (7) to nine (9) weeks for small agencies and eleven (11) to fifteen (15) for large agencies.

State agencies under a purchasing authority delegation agreement with the Department of General Services must acquire Purchasing Authority Unit Certification.

Enroll in the CAL-Card Program

    • Reviews CAL-Card Participation Agreement (PA) 7-20-99-42, Amendments (if applicable) and User Instructions posted under Attachments on the State’s Cal eProcure website.
    • Submits Request to Participate package to U.S. Bank with required completed documentation as listed below:
    If you are a... You submit...
    State Agency
    Local Agency

    *Refer to Request to Participate Form for submission instructions.

    • Contacts agency within three (3) business days to confirm receipt of package.
    • Completes contract/credit review process within twenty (20) business days (assuming receipt of complete package of required documentation).
    • Designates a credit limit for the requesting local agency which is required to undergo a credit underwriting process. 
    • Signs State/Local Agency Subsidiary Agreement and returns signed copy to agency.
    • Completes an intake form for Implementation Project Manager (IPM) assignment.
    • Provides implementation/enrollment documentation to agency for managing account setup and cardholder enrollment (to be completed by agency).
    • Schedules an implementation meeting with agency, if required, to:
      • Discuss Access® Online capabilities and agency needs,
      • Obtain agency information to create Access® Online ID/password,
      • Provide direction to program information on CAL-Card website, and
      • Provide Access® Online web-based training passwords.
    • Returns completed implementation/enrollment documentation to U.S. Bank.
    • Reviews program information from the CAL-Card website.
    • Develops internal CAL-Card policies, procedures, and training.
    • Registers for CAL-Card Program Training Workshops.
    • Completes Access® Online web-based training.
    • Reviews Program Administrator Guide, Cardholder Guide, and Billing Official Guide (as applicable)
    • Agencies new to FI$Cal complete FI$Cal P-Card (aka CAL-Card) training (State Agencies Only).
    • Processes the completed implementation/enrollment documentation obtained from the agency, issues new cards as directed by agency, etc.
    • Provides agency with Access® Online User ID(s) and instructions/references to set up and manage cards going forward. 
    • Assigns a U.S. Bank Relationship Manager and Client Services Team when the Agency Implementation Process is completed. 
    • Submits requests for new card accounts through Access® Online.
    • Cardholder activates card within fourteen (14) days of receipt by calling the 800 number on the activation sticker.


cal-card program contact(s)

U.S. Bank
Email: CALCard@usbank

State CAL-Card Program 
Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street, Second Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (916) 376-2939