Financial hardship assistance is available for those school districts that cannot provide all or part of their funding share of a School Facility Program (SFP) or a Full-Day Kindergarten Facilities Grant Program (FDKFGP) project. In order to receive financial hardship assistance, a school district must have made all reasonable efforts to raise local funding and must also demonstrate that it is unable to contribute all or a portion of the matching share requirement. If the school district meets the financial hardship criteria, it is eligible for financial assistance for new construction, modernization, Facility Hardship projects and/or FDKFGP.

Financial Hardship re-reviews will occur when Financial Hardship school districts and county offices of education with projects on the SFP Unfunded List (Lack of AB 55 Loans) for 180 days or more that are participating in a certification filing period must undergo a re-review of their financial records to determine if they have any additional funds available to contribute to their project(s) prior to receiving an actual apportionment.


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