Each year, OAH conducts teacher reduction in force proceedings for school districts during a six-week period beginning in late March.  

A school district governing board may terminate the services of certificated employees if the school board determines that economic circumstances require decreasing the number of permanent employees.  Notice of termination is given before May 15th. Educ. Code §44955(c).

In preparation for these time sensitive cases, OAH generally reserves our calendars from late March through May 7th to accommodate these proceedings.

A school district governing board can also lay off employees during the time period after the state legislature approves the budget and August 15th, if the board determines that its total revenue limit per unit of average daily attendance (ADA) has not increased by at least 2% and that it is necessary to decrease the number of permanent employees. Educ. Code §44955.5.

Settlement Information

If a Teacher Reduction in Force matter settles before the scheduled hearing and it is after regular business hours, please call the settlement line and leave your name, title, phone number, school district you are representing, date and location of hearing, and reason the matter is off calendar. Please also send written confirmation of the settlement by the OAH Secure e-File.

Sacramento - settlement line: (916) 263-1580

Los Angeles - settlement line: (213) 576-7200

Oakland - settlement line: (510) 622-2722 

San Diego - settlement line: (619) 525-4475


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For questions about your specific case, contact your local OAH office at:

Sacramento Office  (916) 263-0550

Los Angeles (213) 576-7200

Oakland (510) 622-2722

San Diego (619) 525-4475


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