The month of March celebrates women's history. CCDA is highlighting four women for each week of the month who have made an impact on accessibility in California.  Each of these women have served or are serving as a part of our Commission. We pay tribute to these extraordinary women and their accomplishments.

CCDA also recognizes the women currently serving on the Commission: Commissioner Souraya Sue ElHessen, Commissioner Tiffany Allen, Commissioner Jacqueline Jackson, Commissioner Ashley Leon-Vazquez, and legislative member Commissioner Senator Melissa Hurtado. All of these women are actively involved in developing strategies and tools for creating a barrier-free California.


Picture of Betty Wilson. Yellow Top

Betty Wilson
Ms. Wilson is the founding member of the California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA). She and her colleagues held the vision of creating an accessible, barrier-free California. Ms. Wilson served valiantly as Chair of the Education and Outreach for CCDA providing advisement to the legislature on policies and issues as well as training and educational endeavor.

Thank you Betty, for your efforts for keeping California open for all!


Picture of Lillibeth Navarro.  Green top and purple scarf

Lillibeth Navarro

Lillibeth is an advocate, speaker, activist, writer and counselor both in the U.S. and in the Philippines.  Her efforts in accessibility and independent living led her to found CALIF, Community Actively Living Independent and Free.


She works hard to keep California accessible for all.



Photo of Angela Jemmott.  Black shirt

Angela Jemmott

Angela has been Executive Director for CCDA since 2015 and has made significant contributions to increasing accessibility in California.  She has spearheaded several helpful toolkits that has made accessibility more successful in California.


Her efforts and commitment has continued to keep California accessible.



Picture of Ida Clair.  Black blazer and white shirt

Ida Clair

Ida is the acting State Architect since 2019.  She manages accessibility, sustainability and fire & life safety programs for public K-12 schools and community colleges.  She also manages the California Access Specialist (CASp) program.


Her continued efforts have kept California accessible for all.


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