(Revised: 01/2021)

The State Controller's Office (SCO) will mail non-payroll warrants directly to the payees using envelopes bearing the SCO's address as the return address. See SAM section 8580 for the distribution of payroll warrants.

 A warrant for travel expenses will not be routed through the person who prepares or approves the related travel expense claim. Warrants inadvertently received by an agency/department will be returned immediately to the SCO, Division of Administration and Disbursements. Agencies/departments will instruct payees to return warrants to the SCO if the warrant was issued incorrectly.

If a warrant is returned to the SCO because of incorrect or insufficient address, the SCO will contact the agency/department to determine the correct address. If a warrant is returned to an agency/department by a payee due to an incorrect or duplicate payment, it will be forwarded immediately to the SCO, Division of Administration and Disbursements, with a written request for appropriate changes. A copy of the request will be retained by the agency/department in a suspense file pending notification from the SCO of any adjustments to the agency's/department's records.

The SCO notifies agencies/departments of warrant information through the Notice of Claim Paid, (CD–102) form, for the claims. FI$Cal agencies/departments locate warrant information in the FI$Cal’s Accounts Payable module. Agencies/Departments will review monthly warrant information against their records and contact the SCO if there are discrepancies.

For emergency payments, extenuating circumstances, or unusual types of transactions, agencies/departments may require that warrants be hand delivered to them instead of the normal mailing process to the payees. Delivery of the warrant may be requested by the agency/department under a special handling process.

Special handling requests will be kept to a minimum and approved only when necessary or in expedite situations where central mailing is not practical. FI$Cal agencies/departments will follow the FI$Cal procedures for special handling requests.  However, the special handling process for manual claims and hand delivery of warrants includes the following general steps:

  • The agency/department completes the Special Handling Request, STD. 8, form that includes their courier's name and signature.
  • The STD. 8 form and Claim Schedule, STD. 218, are submitted to the SCO without the Remittance Advice, STD. 404C.
  • The courier picks up the warrant and forwards it to the accounting office when it is available.
  • The agency/department will arrange the delivery of the warrant to the payee.

Once a payment request has been submitted, the requests for special handling of warrants, corrections, or deletions of invoices may be made to the SCO by telephone or other methods. Telephone "stop requests" will be made to the SCO, Audits Division, Claim Audits. The “stop requests” will be approved only for valid reasons.

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