(Renumbered: 10/2020)

(Revised and Renumbered from 8422.4)


A Remittance Advice, STD. Form 404C or other SCO approved remittance advice form, will be prepared for each payee listed on a claim schedule.


The original copy of the remittance advice will be placed in a Remittance Advice Envelope, STD. 403 (See SAM section 8422.4), separated and in the same order as listed on the claim schedule. The duplicate copy will be filed in the agency’s/department’s accounting office alphabetically by claimant's name.


When a payment is considered reportable (see SAM section 8422.19), the three boxes at the bottom of the form must be completed. Warrant numbers will not be shown on any copies of the remittance advice form. Reference to individual invoice dates, numbers, and amounts items (3), (4), and (5) in SAM section 8422.30) may be omitted where some other means of notifying the vendor is provided.


The original remittance advice and the applicable warrant will be mailed to the vendor/payee by the SCO. Remittance advice will provide for delivery of warrants to an agency/department or agency/department employees only when the agency/department is the vendor/payee. (See SAM section 8422.60.)


Payments made to payees outside of the United States must be made by manual claim schedule and remittance advice.  


Remittance advices addressed to payees outside the United States require the wording "FOREIGN MAIL" to be stamped in red ink on the face of the RA.  The bottom line of the address must show only the name of the country, written in full, and in capital letters. For example:


Mr. John Smith                                                    Ms. J Smith

123 Russell Drive                    Or                       Apartado 3068

London W1p6HQ                                                46807 Puerto Vallarta

ENGLAND                                                              MEXICO


In the case of split payments, one part done by SCO's warrant and another part by the agency’s/department’s check, agencies/departments will:


1.  Clip the check to the back of the remittance advice accompanying the claim schedule. The check will be mailed with the warrant by SCO.




2.  The agency/department will mail the check to the payee with an explanation that the balance paid by the warrant is being or has been transmitted separately. The remittance advice accompanying such check will be cross-referenced to the partial payment by warrant. The remittance advice to accompany the warrant will indicate that partial payment has been or will be made by check.


If there is an adjustment in the amount being paid, the agencies/departments will attach correspondence stating the reason. The correspondence will be attached to the remittance advice.


Agencies/departments that wish to use a customized remittance advice form instead of an STD. 404C, or other approved remittance advice, must have their customized form design reviewed and approved by SCO before they are used.


A Remittance Advice Envelope, STD. 403, will accompany each claim submitted by the agency/department. The Remittance Advice Envelope will be attached to the back of the claim by a securely tied string or cord.  The Remittance Advice Envelope is obtainable through the Department of General Services, Office of State Publishing. The agency/department will use its accounting office address as the return address. If the agency/department wishes the envelope routed to other than the accounting office, the envelope should be so addressed. After processing and distributing warrants, the State Controller’s Office will return the Remittance Advice envelopes to the agency/department in the Sacramento area by courier and to those outside the area by US mail for future use.


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