(Renumbered: 10/2020)

(Revised and Renumbered from 8422.3)


Whenever the State Controller’s Office (SCO) or the agency/department disburse payment a Remittance Advice (RA) must accompany the disbursement.  The RA’s function is to identify the purpose, amount and reference information (e.g., invoice number) of payment.


A Remittance Advice should contain the following elements:

  1. Agency/department name
  2. Business Unit Code
  3. Voucher or Claim Schedule Number
  4. Invoice date
  5. Invoice number. (if there is no invoice number, use the purchase order/contract number)
  6. Invoice amount
  7. Total payment amount
  8. Agency/department inquiry contact phone number


Purpose of Remittance Advice


The purpose of the RA is to assist the vendor in identifying payment against their outstanding receivables which are pending payment.  The RA prevents the vendor from needlessly contacting the agency/department to identify payment.


FI$Cal Remittance Advice


FI$Cal Remittance Advices comes attached to the check or warrant.


  • For SCO Warrants, the RA is created after the voucher is approved the SCO, Audits Division.


  • For agency/department Office of Revolving Fund checks, the RAs are created at the same time the check is printed.


Non-FI$Cal Remittance Advice (STD. 404C)


Agencies/departments deferred/exempt from using FI$Cal will use STD. 404C which must be manually completed and submitted with the claim.


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