(Renumbered: 10/2020)

(Revised and Renumbered from 8422.2.  8422.20 revised and renumbered to 8422.201.)


A claim schedule (claim) is a payment request document used throughout the State of California to submit invoiced claims to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) for disbursement.  The claim process is a manual process where the agency/department types the needed information on the STD. 218 Claim Schedule form and attaches all supporting documents.  The form is authorized by agency/department management and submitted to SCO


Claim Schedule, STD. 218  (Continuous) submitted to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) must display the claimants/payees on front of the form.,  The original STD 218 along with supporting documentation will be submitted to the State Controller's Office. If more than one invoice or voucher is to be paid by a single warrant, only the total amount claimed by the claimant will be shown on the STD. 218 (Continuous). Purchase order numbers will be shown on STD. 218 (Continuous) when applicable. Contract and lease payments will be identified by entering the letter "c" in the "Purchase Order No." column. The number and amount of reportable payments (see SAM Section 8422.19) will be in the box entitled "Reportable payments per SAM Section 8422.19." The "number" of reportable payments for this purpose is the number of warrants or revolving fund checks paid, not the number of invoices which are being paid.


Claims Schedules submitted to the SCO will be arranged as follows:


1. Original and one copy of Claim Schedule, STD. 218 (Continuous).


2. Original copies of invoices and/or vouchers or acceptable copies (see SAM Section 8422.100) arranged in the same order as payees' names are listed on the claim schedule.


3. Adding machine tape or spreadsheet attached to the first invoice of a claimant whenever more than one invoice from the same claimant is included in a claim. All invoices of the claimant will be listed on the tape or spreadsheet.


4. Remittance Advice Envelope, STD. 403, containing remittance advice forms STD. 404C and any other material (see SAM Section 8422.301) firmly attached thereto, arranged in the same order as payees' names are listed on the claim schedule.


Claim schedules to reimburse a revolving fund will not list the names of vendors, travelers, etc., paid from the revolving fund. Invoices and vouchers filed to reimburse office revolving funds may be included in claims filed to obtain warrants payable directly to claimants furnishing goods or services. Such invoices will be placed at the end of the claim and will be preceded by an adding machine tape supporting the amount shown on the claim schedule as payable to the revolving fund.


All documents in a claim schedule will be bound together at the top by a tape, string or cord, passed through holes punched in the document, and tied in a bow knot at the back of the claim schedule. This will permit easy removal for audit, correction, and any required central mailing of documents by the SCO.


Be sure that necessary information is not damaged or destroyed when documents are hole punched. Agencies/departments wishing to use backing sheets may use them only for small size invoices and for those invoices wherein necessary information (vendor's name, address, etc.) would be obliterated if punched.


Agencies/departments will file duplicate copies of STD. 218 (Continuous) and the supporting invoices numerically by schedule number.


Claim schedules that include an invoice or claim from an employee authorized to sign claim schedules will not be signed by such employee. Another authorized employee will sign such schedules regardless of whether it provides for direct payment to the employee or for reimbursement of the revolving fund.

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