About this Service

This service is available for agencies and departments that wish to dispose of an excess property. Departments are encouraged to notify the AE/SS Unit as soon as a possible when a real property under their control has been determined to be excess. A 60-day notice letter is sent to all departments advising them of the property. At the end of the notice period the property may be included in the annual surplus property bill as long as the excess notice is received timely.

Excess Notice:

State agencies and departments receive notification from the Asset Enhancement/Surplus Sales (AE/SS) Unit whenever a state-owned real property has been identified as excess. Departments are provided with a property profile that describes the property in detail. The Unit also assists departments, in cooperation with the Department of Finance, with the preparation of the transfer of jurisdiction (TOJ) documents that are necessary to complete the change of control.

No State Interest:

If there is no state interest, the AE/SS Unit will include the property in the annual surplus property bill to obtain authorization to dispose of the property as surplus.

This service is provided during normal work hours.

Information Guides

Information on excess state-owned real property is posted on the Surplus Property Web Page:


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