SPI Certifications

Government Code 11011 requires: "The head of each agency shall also certify, on or before July 1 annually, that The agency has accurately and completely reported all property information required by this section and that it has identified any excess property pursuant to Section 11011.  The Department of General Services shall maintain the certification notices in a conspicuous place on its Internet Web site."

SPI Summary

The Real Estate Services Division (RESD) maintains the Statewide Property Inventory (SPI) which is a centralized real estate management information system. This database consists of a comprehensive inventory of all leased facilities reported to the Department of General Services and all state proprietary land holdings except for the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) - Highway Operating Right of Way and Airspace.

SPI Map Viewer

The Department of General Services Statewide Property Inventory (SPI) GIS Map Viewer provides a visualized representation of the SPI assets. Leveraging the Esri ArcGIS Online cloud-based platform, users can query, analyze, interpret, and export information on California's real estate assets which include mapped information on real property, state owned structures, and leases.

SPI Portal

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