The DGS-PD has established contracts for Masks (Respirator and Surgical) at contracted pricing to the State of California, local government agencies, and governmental agencies throughout the United States. To utilize these contracts, ordering agencies may submit a purchase order directly to the contractors.

  • Six (6) types of masks, all NIOSH or FDA certified
  • N95 Vented
  • N95 Non-Vented
  • N95 Surgical
  • Surgical Level 1
  • Surgical Level 2
  • Surgical Level 3
  • Standard and bulk pricing available
  • 59 contractors provide great redundancy and flexibility
  • 27 California-certified Small Business contractors
  • Two (2) California-certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise contractors
  • Four (4) federally-certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise contractors

Process to Procure Masks

  1. Go to Cal eProcure to Select Contract
  2. Download User Instructions and Contract Pricing
  3. Submit Purchase Order to Contractor
  4. Receive Order Confirmation from Contractor


Contracts Management Unit

Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Contract Administrator 
Eileen Tardiff
Phone: (916) 375-4463