The COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges to small businesses, with the most impact to small diverse businesses of which many are located in the state's disadvantaged communities.  In response to these challenges, DGS Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS) and eProcurement Business Intelligence Strategies Section (eBISS) in the Procurement Division developed CalSAT - a mapping tool to assess the California SB/DVBE certification and outreach efficacy in the state's disadvantaged communities and inform future targeted outreach and certification strategies, as authorized by Government Code Section 11139.6.

By providing dedicated SB/DVBE Certification support through outreach and training to small and disabled veteran businesses, DGS offers access to the state's annual $10-12 billion contract pool while contributing to the state's overall economic recovery especially in disadvantaged communities.

CalSAT is a visual interactive tool that overlays certified SB/DVBEs' Geographic Information System (GIS) locations and procurement information, such as the state SB/DVBE dollars spent, on a California map of disadvantaged communities.

Disadvantaged communities in this tool are identified using the CalEnviroScreen 4.0, developed by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA).

CalSAT displays census tract data over state, county, city maps along with the associated detailed data tables. Different color dots on the maps represent of SB/DVBE certified firms in disadvantaged communities (blue dots) and in non-disadvantaged communities (yellow dots). Selecting a table row (e.g., a county) will open the next level of detailed data and the associated map. A user can navigate from the County Details, to City Details, to the Certified Firm Location.

At the Certified Firm Location level, users can pinpoint and hover over a dot on the map to see specific information about the certified firm, including their certification information, industry type, and date when first certified. On the accompanying table, users can also see state departments they do business with, and the UNSPCS codes used by those departments.

To access the CalSAT mapping tool, please click on the following link:

CalSAT Mapping Tool

The landing page will display one data table of counties to the left on two US maps, “Counties – Size by Number of SB/DVBE Certified Firms” and “Counties – Size by Total State Procurement Dollars to SB/DVBE Certified Firms” on the right side of the screen.

Navigating CalSAT 

  • Select a fiscal year from the drop-down menu on the upper left side of the screen (current fiscal year is displayed by default).
  • Pages connect from County level to City level to Certified Firm Location level, in that order. Users can return to levels above their current level, by clicking on the up arrow icon in the upper left side of the screen.
  • Tables with more information will have a bottom scroll bar and can be scrolled to the right to show more information.
  • Click the three vertical dot menu icon for more user options such as zoom, print, maximize and more
  • Dot color:
    • Yellow dots:  Firms which are NOT in a disadvantaged community.
    • Blue dots:  Firms which ARE in a disadvantaged community.
    • Black dots:  Represent scale to provide clarification of the size of the blue or yellow dot.
  • Dot size - Depending on the map used, the dot size indicates number of SB/DVBE firms in an area or more state procurement dollars spent with SB/DVBE located in a specific county. The larger the dot the more SB/DVBEs in an area, or procurement dollars spent. 

Using the CalSAT maps 

  • Map Sizing - Choose the desired map which display clusters of blue dots (disadvantaged communities) and yellow dots (advantaged communities). Click on the two-arrows icon to expand the map. To enlarge the map area, click on the plus and minus buttons
  • County-level Info - Hover over a county dot on the map to see county specific information.
  • Resetting Zoom - Reset the map zoom to go back to the initial map and start using the data tables.

Using the CalSAT data tables 

  1. County Details – Click once on any listed county in the data table to populate the table and the maps with county-specific data. A double click on any listed county will open up the City Details for that county.
  2. City Details – Click once on any city to show a map of that area with the locations Certified Firms displayed as yellow or blue dots. A double click on any listed city will open up the Certified Firm Locations for that city. 
  3. Certified Firm Location – Click once view on the table row displaying the SB/DVBE certification ID to view the location of the selected firm on the map. A double click on the same row will provide links to the firm's state Procurement Information and to its SB/DVBE Certification - UNSPSC profile.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide information about the California SB/DVBE Atlas Tool (CalSAT).

CalSAT – Frequently Asked Questions


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