The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is an open standard taxonomy of products and services that serves a system of classification of products and services that are bought and sold. The taxonomy follows a hierarchical tree structure from a generalized segment title down to a specific commodity title. UNSPSC codes allow the Procurement Division to conducts analysis that improve and support California’s digital procurement efforts.


Example:          Segment: 44000000     Office Equipment and Accessories and Suppliers

                                          Family: 44100000     Office machines and their supplies and accessories

                                                       Class:  44103100     Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies

                                                                Commodity:  44103103     Toner

The Department of General Services (DGS), Procurement Division (PD) UNSPSC Search. The search application enables the user to search a custom UNSPSC code set specially designed for DGS PD.


PD has taken the guess work out of trying to determine which UNSPSC should be used for commonly procured goods and services. PD created printable desk reference lists of the most commonly used UNSPSC grouped by use case. The codes represent the highest level of generality that PD will accept for any of the items listed. If you have any questions you can email the UNSPSC help desk at


  • Apparel and Luggage and Personal Care Products (Coming Soon)
  • Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories (Coming Soon)
  • Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services (Coming Soon)
  • Chemicals, including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials (Coming Soon)
  • Cleaning Equipment and Supplies (Coming Soon)
  • Food

FI$Cal Requisition Upload resources for Departments procuring food from the US Foods contract.

  • Requisition Upload Template[MA1]
  • Updated US Foods Catalog UNSPSC List[MA2]
    • DSH Napa - US Food Excel Invoice Download with Cut & Paste Method (Coming Soon)
  • FI$Cal Job Aid – How to Run Requisition (Coming Soon) 


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