The EC path provides a mountaintop overview of California state procurement policy, processes and procedures. State supervisors will gain a greater grasp of the complex world their business services officers must navigate to supply needed goods and services to their agencies. 


How the State Buys gives executive employees a higher-level look at the way the state buys. Learners will understand the process at a high level, to help them determine appropriate direction and oversight for their employees.
This course introduces learners to basic concepts of Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPA) and to the time-saving, money-saving benefits they bring.

Learners study the requirements for Non-Competitively Bid contracts (NCBs), recognize the NCB forms and understand the NCB justification process. 

This course provides learners with an understanding of California’s Small Business /Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Option: what the Option is, when and how it may be used, what services and goods can be acquired, and how it helps the state, the community and vendors. 
The Statement of Work (SOW) course helps learners with the basic concepts and skills needed to understand an effective SOW. This helps assure their SOWs meet the state rigorous guidelines, and ensures positive contractor performance.

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Due to health concerns and recent requirements, CalPCA's scheduled in-classroom courses are canceled. When we can confidently present in-person courses again in a safe environment for all, we will re-schedule.

Our webinar courses take place as scheduled, and enrollment is still open.

Our online user-paced courses are also still available and offer continuous learning opportunities for state buyers.

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