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The Consent to Electronic Service Agreement, or CESA, notifies OAH of your authorization to receive documents from OAH by secure e-mail.  The ability to send documents to OAH through the same secure e-File Transfer (SFT) system requires a separate registration directly online or URL

Any individual or entity who wishes to receive service of documents from OAH by e-File to more than one e-mail address MUST complete the CESA, the link for which is provided at the bottom of this section.

Review of the registration and filing guidelines, as well as the guidelines specific to Special Education provided below, is highly recommended before completing and submitting the CESA. 

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When submitting documents by e-File all parties must follow the specific guidelines identified below.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the document being rejected by the SFT system.  If rejected by the SFT system the document will not be considered by OAH. 



The name under which a document is saved, also referred to as "file name," may affect your ability to upload a document using the SFT. "File name" is different than the name you may have on the document as the title for the document. Please be sure that the name under which a document is saved does not include any of the following symbols:

Prohibited Special Characters
' Apostrophe
 \  Back Slash
/ Forward Slash
: Colon
? Question Mark
< Less Than Sign
> Greater Than Sign
 ^ Upward Arrow
I Straight Vertical Line
% Percent Sign
# Hashtag or Pound Sign
_ Underscore
$ Dollar Sign
" " Quotation Marks (Double or Singular)
- Hyphen
= Equals Sign
* Asterisk
+ Plus Sign

If the title under which the document has been saved contains one or more of these symbols any attempt to upload the document will result in an error message. 


File Name Character Limit


File names have a maximum limit of 100 characters (this includes the .pdf extension, spaces, and punctuation). Example:Thisxisxaxtestxtoxseexhowxmanyxcharactersxwexcanxfitxintoxaxfile xnamexinxthexSecurexeFile0123456.pdf


Size and Format of the Document to Be Uploaded


  • All documents must be submitted in pdf format. There are many free online programs for converting a document to pdf format and may be located by typing "free pdf converter" into the search field in any browser. Please make sure that the pdf is in a non-protected format and has "pdf" at the end of the file path name and not "PDF".
  • The document itself must not exceed 10 MB.  Documents larger than 10 MB may be split into parts.
  • When submitting multiple documents, or a document split into parts, the entire "package" must not exceed 50 MB.  If it is larger than 50 MB please upload and send one part at a time. 
  • When splitting a document into parts you should: (1) submit a cover page notifying OAH that the document is being submitted in parts; include a cover page with each part; (2) State that the document is being submitted in parts in the comment box of the SFT; (3) Each file name should be exactly the same by marked clearly with the addition of "part one of two" or "1 of 2"
  • When filing more than one document, please upload and send only one document at a time to ensure that the documents are processed correctly.
  • All pages should be numbered sequentially and must be letter size (8 1/2 x 11) in size.
  • For scanned documents (such as exhibits) send in black and white only, with a DPI setting of 300.


OAH Secure e-File Transfer System

The OAH Secure e-File Transfer (SFT) system allows users to send to OAH, and receive from OAH, electronic documents.