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Below are the instructions for searching by each of the three categories. Although all three are available, the most reliable results will be obtained by using the case number as the search will result in only those dates for that single case.

To access the Calendar, please visit the OAH Web Calendar application or enter the following URL into your browser:

How to search the hearing and mediation calendars (click on each step for additional information)

    • To search by Hearing Date: Click on the “Hearing Date” option and enter in the blank field the date in numerical format.  For example, April 18, 2018, should be entered as 4/18/18 or 4/18/2018.
    • To search by Case Number: Click on the “Case Number” option and enter the case number in the blank field.
    • To search by School District: Click on the “School District” option and enter the name of the school district in the blank field. The full name of the school district is not needed. For example, San Juan Unified School District dates will appear even if you only type in the field “San Juan”.
  1. This will search for hearings under the parameters you have entered.
  2. Case Number:  XXXXXXXXXX       Hearing Type: (This will be “Hearing” or “Mediation”)

    Case Status:   Open           Case Days Open:  (Number)

    Case File Date:  (Date)                    Case Closed Date:  (Usually blank)

    Decision Issued Date:  (Blank unless a decisions has been issued)

    Agency Name:  Department of Education – Special Education Division

    Case Name:  Student (The name will not appear)

    School District:  (Name of the school district)

    Hearing Date:  (This should be the same date as your search date)  Time:  (Date)

          Judge Assigned to Hearing:  (Name of Judge)       Court Reporter:  (blank)

          Assigned Office:  (OAH’s regional office assigned to this case)

Additional Calendar Related Resources

Scheduling Guide – This document provides the general guidelines OAH follows for setting mediations, prehearing conferences, mediations and status conferences for Special Education cases. For example, prehearing conferences are set on Monday and Friday only at specific times; Mediations are held Monday through Friday except for Los Angeles Unified School District and will be set at 9:00 a.m.


OAH Special Education Scheduling Guide



دليل تحديد مواعيد جلسات التربية الخاصة التابعة لمكتب الجلسات الإدارية - العربية 


Cantonese (Chinese Traditional)

粵語(繁體中文)- 行政聽證處 (OAH) 特殊教育時間安排指南 

Mandarin (Chinese Simplified)
普通话(简体中文)- OAH特殊教育排期指南


Español - Guía de rogramación de Educación Especial de la OAH


Tiếng Việt - Hướng dẫn về Lịch làm việc cho Giáo Dục Đặc Biệt OAH




 OAH's Special Education Division will be closed on the following holidays in 2021:

  • New Year's Day - January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - January 18
  • President's Day - February 15
  • Cesar Chavez Day - March 31
  • Memorial Day - May 31
  • Independence Day (Observed) - July 5
  • Labor Day - September 6
  • Veteran's Day (Observed) - November 11
  • Thanksgiving Holidays - November 25 - November 26

Christmas Day, December 25, falls on a Saturday.  OAH will not be closed on Friday, December 24.  

ALJ Training for 2021: Monday, February 22 through Friday, February 26. No hearings or prehearing conferences will be held during this week. Friday, October 29.  No hearings or prehearing conferences will be held on this day.

ALJ Staff Meetings 2021:  No hearings or prehearing conferences will be held the first Monday of each month:

  • Monday, January 4
  • Monday, February 1
  • Monday, March 1
  • Monday April 5
  • Monday, May 3
  • Monday, June 7
  • Monday, July 12
  • Monday, August 2
  • Monday, September 13
  • Monday, October 4
  • Monday, November 1
  • Monday, December 6



Having trouble finding your case dates?

Contact your case manager identified on your case documents.

Or contact OAH at (916) 263-0880

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