OAH is a neutral state agency that helps solve disagreements between individuals and government agencies.  The Special Education Division handles mediations, prehearing conferences and due process hearings that involve issues related to Special Education under the IDEA.  

For more information on OAH’s Special Education Division please see the Special Education Brochure.

Information About Special Education Division Offices and Judges

OAH’s Special Education Division is divided into two regions - Northern California and Southern California – with the main office located in Sacramento.  The Administrative Law Judges, while assigned to either Northern or Southern California may handle matters anywhere in the state



2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95833
Main Telephone Number: 916-263-0880

All documents mailed or sent by overnight delivery should be sent to the Sacramento office, the address for which is listed above.  However, parties may personally deliver documents to the additional OAH locations as indicated below during normal business hours:


1515 Clay Street, Suite 206
Oakland, CA  94612

Los Angeles
355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA  90071

San Diego
402 West Broadway, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101 
Located in:  The Emerald Plaza Building


For information about filing documents through email go to Secure e-File Transfer (SFT) system  or URL: https://www.applications.dgs.ca.gov/oah/oahsftweb

After-hours cancellation/settlement line: (916) 274-6035.  For more information on how to can cancel a mediation or to request the continuance of a mediation or a hearing go to Continuances.

Special Education Administrative Law Judges:

Marian Tully,
Division Chief Administrative Law Judge

Peter Paul Castillo,
Presiding Administrative Law Judge (Southern California)

Joy Redmon,
Presiding Administrative Law Judge (Northern California)

Margaret Gibson,
Presiding Administrative Law Judge (Northern California)

Administrative Law Judges

  • Christine Arden
  • Chris Butchko
  • Rommel Cruz
  • Cole Dalton
  • Rita Defilippis
  • Tara Doss
  • Cynthia Fritz 
  • Tiffany Gilmartin
  • Laurie Gorsline
  • Kara Hatfield
  • Alexa Hohensee
  • Linda Johnson
  • Elsa H. Jones
  • Paul H. Kamoroff
  • Jennifer Kelly
  • Sabrina Kong
  • Adrienne L. Krikorian
  • Brian Krikorian
  • June Lehrman
  • Cara Lucier
  • Ted Mann
  • Charles Marson
  • Robert G. Martin
  • Deborah Myers-Cregar
  • Marlo Nisperos
  • Penelope Pahl
  • Judith Pasewark
  • Theresa Ravandi 
  • Clifford H. Woosley
  • Claire Yazigi



Special Education Division

Office of Administrative Hearings

2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95833
More contact Info : (916) 263-0880

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