Notice of 45-Day Public Comment Period: April 3, 2020–May 18, 2020 for Accessibility and Health Facilities Committees

The following state agencies have submitted proposed actions (code changes), which are intended for inclusion in the 2019 California Building Standards Code, Title 24, which is scheduled for publication in January 2021 with an effective date of July 2021. All proposed actions are subject to a 45-day public comment period. All public comments must be posted by close of business on May 18, 2020.

state agencies

Department of Housing and Community Development
HCD 02/19—California Building Code, Chapter 11A, Part 2, Vol. 1, Title 24


Public Comments:

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Division of the State Architect—Access Compliance
DSA-AC 01/19—California Building Code, Chapter 11B, Part 2, Vol. 1, Title 24


Public Comments: 

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  • R. Marie on behalf of:

  • L. Hagerty-a *
  • L. Hagerty-b * 
  • L. Hagerty-c * 
  • G. Aceves-a * 
  • G. Aceves-b * 
  • G. Aceves-c * 
  • J. Green *
  • D. Thompson-a *
  • D. Thompson-b *
  • S. Watts-a *
  • S Watts-b *
  • S Watts-c *
  • T. McDonald-a *
  • T. McDonald-b *
  • T. McDonald-c *
  • N. Byrne *
                                                      * non-viewable via CBSC's website
The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
OSHPD 01/19—California Administrative Code, Part 1, Title 24 OSHPD 02/19—California Building Code, Vol. 1, Part 2, Title 24

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  • BHMA *   


Comment Form

All comments for the state agency proposals must be submitted to the commission no later than close of business on the last day of the public comment period. Due to the volume of comments received, CBSC cannot guarantee that all comments are posted on this website.  While every attempt is made to include all submissions online, it is not required by statute or regulation. Note: only comments received in an accessible format will be viewable via CBSC's website. Contact CBSC for a copy of non-viewable comments. Use the e-Comment form to ensure accessibility.


Rulemaking Activities

  • Code Adoption Cycles
  • Change Without Regulatory Effect
  • Emergency Rulemaking

2019 code advisory committees

state agencies Code 

  • DSA-AC—Division of the State Architect - Access Compliance
  • HCD—Department of Housing & Community Development
  • OSHPD— The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

Request for Public Comments

For a copy of a public comment that is not linked, email CBSC.

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